Minutes 10/14

TREPO BOARD MEETING MINUTES OCTOBER 7, 2014 Attendance: BOARD PRESENT: JULE MCGEE, PHYL REA, GEORGE HORNE, JOAN NANO, LAURA DAILEY, GLENN HUNTER, SAM KEEN, MICHAEL FORET, KAREN MULLENS, CHARLIE ARNETT, PERRIE WHITTEN, MICHAEL FORET, JOHN BRYANT GUESTS: CHARLEE THOMPSON, LINDA HIZER, EVELYN JOHNSON, MILLIE MCGEE, KAREN FAUNCE Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance Secretary’s Report: September minutes were emailed and passed out. Charlie Arnett motioned to accept October minutes. Glenn Hunter seconded that motion with all approving and the motion passing. Treasurer’s Report: The bank in Fort White (TD) is closing and the finance committee will be closing out the safe deposit box. Charlie Arnett emailed financial reports for August ,as Charlene was unable to copy reports. Charlie stated the report balanced with the checkbook and the balance was $26,223.10. Glenn Hunter motioned to approve the report with Jule McGee seconding the motion. All approved and the motion passed. Membership Report: Mike Foret reported that 2015 memberships are starting to come in. He also added there were 613 2014 members with 466 coming from Columbia County and 127 members from Suwannee County. Also, there were 61 new members with 45 from Columbia County and 16 from Suwannee County. The total count was down 22 members from last year. Mike reported an invoice would be sent out ASAP to every property owner (approximately 1850 homes) for 2015. Keys will be given out each Saturday until April from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Glenn Hunter motioned to accept the invoice format with Joan Nano seconding that motion. All approved and the motion passed. Park Management: Jule McGee reported Jason would mow before the weekend. The gate at midpoint has been welded as it was sagging. Jule also stated the keys for 2015 locks have been ordered. Mike Foret reported the pavilion at Brennan Park is half done and Jason will be building stairs down to the river at this park with a small deck to transition to the stairs. John Bryant asked to put the older picnic tables there rather than new ones to avoid vandals destroying new ones. Mike also reported a work party on the first weekend in November and stated he will be putting up wifi in the Suwannee Park. Karen Faunce requested the grass around the fence at Hodor Park be bagged as the sandspurs are horrendous. Jule McGee stated, “Yes, they will bag the grass there.” Mike Foret added that a grill would be added at Boat Ramp Park. Charlee Thompson inquired as to whether we were interested in starting a Crime Watch program in Three Rivers. Karen Faunce answered that a Crime Watch party was held in the past with 30-40 people in attendance along with the Sheriff, but nothing came of it after the meeting. Newsletter: is out and the ballots were included in this installment. The next newsletter will come out in January. Old Business: John Bryant purchased the meat. There will be a tent raising on Friday at 5 p.m. before the picnic. Reba Greuling will be running the 50/50 and Karen Faunce will be taking cash for the meals. Phyl Rea will be selling shirts. Mike will handle the ballot box and the Busy B’s will help serve the food. New Business: The Halloween party will be held on Sat., October 25. Adjournment: Glenn Hunter motioned to adjourn with Jule McGee seconding the motion. All approved and the meeting was adjourned.