Minutes 7/14

TREPO BOARD MEETING MINUTES 07/01/2014 Roll Call: Members Present – Jule McGee, Charlie Arnett, Mike Foret, Mike Wilson, Reba Greuling, Laura Dailey, Karen Mullins, Perrie Whitten, John Bryant, Sammy Keen Members Absent – Don Spradley, George Horne, Glenn Hunter, Joan Nano, Phyl Rea Michael Foret called the meeting to order. Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance were recited. Roll call was taken. Secretary’s Report: May’s minutes were handed out. John Bryant motioned to approve and Charlie Arnett seconded that motion. All approved and the motion passed. June’s minutes were also passed out. Jule McGee motioned to accept June’s minutes with Charlie Arnett seconding that motion. All approved and the motion passed. Membership Report: Michael Foret reported membership was currently at 589 for 2014 members, with 467 Columbia County members and 122 Suwannee County members. There are 46 brand new members with 21 from Columbia County and 15 from Suwannee County. Park Management: Jule McGee gave the report for the Columbia County parks. He reminded board members they previously approved a purchase of rock for various parks in both counties. This project was put on hold due to the flooding and is now ready to proceed. He also plans to have a sign made for Hodor Park stating, “NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, NO DOGS, and UPON ENTRY/EXIT PLEASE CLOSE GATE.” The sign will cost approximately $100. Jule reported there was a broken gate at Midpoint Park and Walt Sherrod has agreed to repair this gate. Mike Foret reported the sign at Fishing Park was painted pink. He also mentioned the small pavilions to be placed at Midpoint, Camping and Fishing Parks will begin construction next week. Mike added that he has ordered the supplies needed to install wifi at Hodor Park. Wifi will also be installed in Suwannee County. John Bryant reported for the Suwannee County Parks. The cedar sign on 39th was vandalized and will be replaced with the previous sign. Charlie Arnett motioned to budget $200 for updating that sign with a sealant and any work the old sign may need before installing. Jule McGee seconded that motion. All approved and the motion passed. New Business: A new member, Tom Price inquired as to Windstream service and fiber optics in Suwannee County. A lengthy discussion ensued with no real answer to his query. Laura Daily inquired as to board member meeting attendance. Mike Foret informed her Karen Faunce was working on updating the by-laws. Perrie Whitten suggested a sign at the Hodor Park gate, soliciting volunteers. Jule said he would get together with Glenn if she would put something down on paper. Mike Foret suggested a floating rope similar to the one installed at Ichetucknee State Park to corral tubers to the exit at Point Park, and to separate the boats from the tubers at this point. It was decided to research this idea. Adjournment: Jule McGee motioned to adjourn with John Bryant seconding. All voted to adjourn the meeting.