Minutes 9/14

TREPO BOARD MEETING MINUTES SEPTEMBER 2014 Attendance: Present – Mike Foret, John Bryant, Jule McGee, Joan Nano, Phyl Rea, Karen Mullins, Michael Wilson, George Horne, Perrie Whitten Absent – Charlie Arnett, Glenn Hunter, Don Spradley, Sammy Keen, Laura Dailey Resigned – Reba Greuling Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance Secretary’s Report: Minutes were passed out and read. Jule McGee motioned to approve the minutes with Joan Nano seconding that motion. All approved and the motion passed. Treasurer’s Report: Charlie Arnett is not in attendance. Therefore, there is no report. Membership Report: Mike Foret reported there are 609 2014 members with 484 from Columbia County and 125 from Suwannee County. We have 57 brand new members with 42 from Columbia County and 15 from Suwannee County. We are down 36 members from this time last year. Park Management: Jule McGee reported attendance at our parks is at least double to triple what it has been in past seasons. He thanked all who volunteered this summer. Jason straightened the gate at Midpoint Park, finished a pavilion down by the dock at Midpoint Park, and he is preparing to repair the dock there. Jule asked for $1,500 to begin these repairs. Mike Foret motioned to approve this amount and Joan Nano seconded the motion. All approved and the motion passed. Along with a built pavilion, Jason will be adding a table to extend the pavilion adding room for more families. He will also be adding stone to the walkway at Hodor Park. Jule reported by the end of this week we should be able to close and lock the gate at Midpoint as Mike Foret stated a neighbor of the park has sent a threatening letter to TREPO regarding this issue. Jason also completed a table/pavilion at Camping Park, and the barbed wire fencing is back in place at Bridge Park. Jule requested we write up a policy about dogs at the parks before next summer. He also stated there are many lost and found items left at Hodor Park being kept in the TREPO office. Karen Faunce will include this information in the next newsletter. Jule commented something needed to be erected at Point Park to help folks out of the river. A conversation ensued with a final comment by Mike Foret that a floating rope with buoys and a 5 pound bucket of cement to anchor them might be the only answer. George Horne agreed to contact Suwannee River Management authorities to come up with some ideas and options. John Bryant reported for the Suwannee Side. He stated many members are using the parks and are happy with the improvements that have been made. John asked permission to pay his security man to clean the bathrooms at the Suwannee parks. All agreed with his request. He would also eventually like to run power at Boat Ramp Park. Mike Foret told Jason he can start work on the pavilion at Brennan Park. Election Information: There was a discussion as to how the board wanted to handle the two replacement members who are only half way through the term they are serving. It was decided that those two should run and if they don’t win their candidacy, the two that win with the lowest number of votes will replace them. Karen Faunce stated there must be an election committee with a table and ballot box set up at the fall picnic. Newsletter Report: Karen Faunce stated she needs all information by September 8th for the upcoming newsletter. New Business: Phyl Rea stated the Halloween Party will be held Saturday, October 25th. Phyl will draw up party information to give to Karen for the newsletter. The fall picnic will be held in October. John Bryant agreed to handle the meat and seasonings with George Horne in charge of beans and Mike Wilson preparing coleslaw. Mike Foret stated the tent will be erected on Friday afternoon. A guest made the comment that the TREPO website is outdated. Mike Foret stated there are not enough volunteers to help out with all the duties, and invited her to take over the site. The member poo pooed that idea. Another guest inquired as to why there was no portable toilet at Midpoint Park. The consensus was that it probably floated away during the most recent floods. Adjournment: John Bryant motioned to adjourn with Joan Nano seconding that motion. All approved.