Fwd: Gate Greeter Duty July 21st and 22nd

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Hey, Thanks for helping out for the last two weekends! You may have noticed I have deleted the 9:00-11:00 shift on non-holiday weekends. People do not seem to get out to the parks until later in the day on Sundays lately but this may change. We will keep this shift on holiday weekends. Please, e-mail me or call and leave a message if I do not answer, 497-4124. Thanks again! Linda Hizer Here is what I have for the next Saturday and Sunday: Saturday July 21, 20189:00-11:00 Lynn Martin11:00-1:00 (need someone)1:00-3:00 (need someone)3:00-5:00 Mike Wilson Sunday July 22, 201811:00-1:00 Phyl Rea1:00-3:00 Terri Hester3:00-5:00 Marcus Morgan