Live From The Field

TREPO Board Meeting Minutes June 5, 2018 (approved July 3, 2018)

Board Members Present: Joan Nano, Marcus Morgan, John Bryant, Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter, Jule McGee, Phylis Rea, Charlee Thompson, Mike Wilson
Board Members Absent: Laura Dailey (excused), Sammy Keen (excused)
Officers Present: Victoria Imm, Millie McGee, Evelyn Johnson, Linda Hizer
Alternates Present: Karen Mullins
Alternates Absent: Sassy Johnson (excused), Charlie Arnett (excused)
Guests Present: Larry Clifford, Terry Downs, Jeff White, Regina Severence, Chrissy White, Shelby White, Linda Valenti, Tawney Sipple, D. Mohn, Eva Tenney, Fran Kidd, Ann Mueller, Al Mueller

The meeting was called to order by Joan Nano at approximately 7:10 p.m. Joan Nano led the pledge and John Bryant followed with prayer . Linda Hizer called roll . Karen Mullins was asked to take a seat on the Board to fill in for an absent Board member.

Secretary’s Report: The May minutes were passed out, reviewed and approved by the Board.

Treasury Report: Evelyn Johnson went over the P&L statement and reconciliation report. She reported a balance of $32,468.57 in our money market account and a balance of $56,140.22 in our TD Bank account.

Membership Report: Evelyn Johnson reported approximately 730 recorded members for the 2018 year due to the fact Charlie Arnett or Mike Foret was not in attendance.

Park Management CC: Jule McGee reported the completion of re-wiring the fan in the pavilion, the replacement of the broken lock at Point Park, the build-up of the road beside Fishing Park by the county, and the installation of an air conditioner in the clubhouse.
The purchase of the security camera for Mid-Point Park was put on hold until Charlie Arnette returns to Fort White. Joan Nano reminded the security committee to submit 3 bids for the future security system. Jule McGee suggested to the committee that consideration of how and who will monitor the system needs to be taken into account. Joan Nano asked for the committee to meet when Charlie Arnette returned.
Closing the gap created between the gate and fence at Camping Park, the vestibule roof at Hodor Park bathrooms, and establishing a better way to get out of the water at Point Park are still under contemplation.

Park Management SC: John Bryant welcomed the visitors from SC. He thanked the people who helped turn Pitiful Park into Brennan Park (Larry Clifford, Vicki Imm, Terry Downs, Laura Dailey, Dusty Trail) and shared about the lighting ceremony held there. He stated that some people were dis-enchanted with county restrictions.
John Bryant stated concern over the erosion of land in front of the Brennan Park pavilion and the need to seek prevention.
John Bryant talked about having a kid’s fishing contest on the SC side in the future.

Newsletter Report:

Old Business: Phylis Rea shared her concern about vandalism and urged us to take measures for prevention. One suggestion was to hire someone to go from park to park for security. Another suggestion was to supply electricity to all parks and put up lights/cameras.
Regina Severence expressed her concerns about Point Park. Boats are mooring on our banks causing a safety hazard for our swimmers and floaters. Dogs are coming in on boats, canoes and cars and running freely. Jule McGee brought up the fact that some non-members are parking there and going to boat parties. Joan Nano and Terry Downs expressed the need for rule signs in our parks. Vicki Imm reminded that we were waiting for attorney approval.
Vicki Imm reported that she had e-mailed and called Travis Koon to expedite the approval of our policies and procedures but she still had not heard from the attorney. Joan Nano and Evelyn Johnson will consult other attorneys about researching our policies and procedures for approval.
The work on re-fencing around the clubhouse and the A-frame is about to begin.

New Business: Gate Greeter meeting was successful with 20 people in attendance but there is still some difficulty in filling time slots on the weekend.
Shirts for gate greeters has had to be delayed due to finding someone to make the design.
Establishing a tow zone for Point Park was found to be impossible at this time due to property lines extending beyond the fence.
Vicki Imm will seek information about insuring the A-Frame/replacement cost excluding flood insurance.
Marcus Morgan shared Raymond Rau’s “nuisance neighbor“ report. Discussion decided that this was a case for county investigation and not Board involvement.

Open Forum: A member from the audience expressed concern about people propping the gate open in Hodor Park.
Joan Nano adjourned the meeting at approximately 8:11 p.m.