Minutes 12/1/15

DECEMBER 1, 2015

Present: Sammy Keen, Charlee Thompson, George Horne, Laura Dailey, Karen Mullins, Linda Hizer, Charlie Arnett, Mike Foret, Jule McGee, Millie McGee, Sassy Johnson, Evelyn Johnson.

Treasurer’s Report was approved. Budget for 2016 was discussed. Sammy motioned to accept it, Charlee seconded, Budget for 2016 was approved.

Membership Report: Ended 2015 with 664 members. 2016 has 86 renewals in Columbia County and 20 in Suwannee County. 14 new members – 11 in CC and 3 in SC

Board members were reminded that By-Laws required their dues are paid by the end of the year.

Park Management: Still some problems with vandalism – fires in 2 of the parks. Lots of tree removal and clean up and general repairs.

Rest Room electrical is in progress.

American Legion with Jule and volunteers did extensive clean up in the Cemetery Trepo has just acquired. Need a chairman to do follow up. Tabled this until January.