Minutes 2/14

TREPO BOARD MEETING MINUTES 02/04/2014 Roll Call: Board Members Present – Jule McGee, Reba Greuling, Glenn Hunter, Charlie Arnett, John Bryant Board Members Absent – Sammy Keen, Joan Nano, Don Spradley Officers Present – – Michael Foret Officers Absent- Perrie Whitten Alternates Present – Laura Dailey, Michael Wilson, Karen Mullins Michael Foret called the meeting to order. Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance were recited. Roll call was taken. Quorum is here. Secretary’s Report: No minutes available as Perrie Whitten was absent. Treasurer’s Report: Charlie Arnett gave the financial reports. Mike Wilson inquired as to what taxes totaled on our parks. Charlie Arnett stated we pay about $2,000.00. Membership Report: Michael Foret reported membership is lagging behind by about 40 from this time last year. He recommended we send out invoices again this year. He also stated a lot of mail is being returned as “vacant” when they are valid addresses. Glenn wants to go with Mike to the Fort White post office to see what’s happening with the TREPO mailings. Laura Dailey motioned to mail out a second invoice with Reba Greuling seconding that motion. All approved and the motion passed. Park Management: Jule McGee gave the report for the Columbia County parks. He stated the cutting of the keys went well and he has been checking the parks. Jason will be working on the pavilion this coming week. Bridge Park will be getting a more sophisticated pavilion later on. Boat Ramp Park will be getting rock soon thanks to Jule and John Bryant. Jule stated he would like to get a sign for the recycling bins, which will read “for aluminum only.” Glenn Hunter will get with Jule regarding the sign. Mike Foret purchased all the new grills for the pavilions. John Bryant is going to work on getting a concrete table for Brennan Park. Website: Reba Greuling recommended listing the April picnic information on the website and also wants to order larger signs for the event. She would like to get them out by the middle of March. The picnic will be April 12th. New Business: The spring picnic will be April 12th. Mike Wilson offered to get pollock and cole slaw from a supplier in Gainesville. George Horne will be heading up the picnic, also purchasing chicken, grits and hush puppies. Reba will design the sign for the picnic and get it to Glenn. It was decided 6 signs would be needed. Adjournment: Charlie Arnett motioned to adjourn with Jule McGee seconding. All voted to adjourn the meeting.