Minutes 3/14

TREPO BOARD MEETING MINUTES 03/04/2014 Roll Call: Board Members Present – Jule McGee, Reba Greuling, Glenn Hunter, Charlie Arnett, Sammy Keen, Joan Nano, Phyl Rea Board Members Absent – Don Spradley, John Bryant Officers Present – – Michael Foret, Perrie Whitten Alternates Present – Laura Dailey, Michael Wilson Alternates Absent – Karen Mullins Michael Foret called the meeting to order. Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance were recited. Roll call was taken. Quorum present. Secretary’s Report: Minutes were read. Glenn Hunter motioned to approve the minutes with Jule McGee seconding that motion and all approving. Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report: Charlie Arnett handed out the financial report. He stated there was approximately $45,000 in checking. Joan Nano motioned to approve the report with Jule seconding. All approved and the motion passed. Membership Report: Michael Foret reported membership was currently at 528 for 2014 members, with 418 Columbia County members and 110 Suwannee members. 30 members were new with 10 coming from the Suwannee Side and 20 from the Columbia side. Park Management: Jule McGee gave the report for the Columbia County parks. He said they had been unable to get all the rock they needed to shore up the parks. He stated there was no available pea rock. Glenn Hunter stated he might have another source for the rock. Jule reported that Michael Foret has prioritized a work schedule for the coming season. They will be painting the main gate at Hodor Park and working on a pavilion at Bridge Park along with one at Point Park, and a clean up of trash at that park. They are also working on rock and a get-out structure at the Point to make departure from the river a little easier. The main entrance will be worked on and signs for the recycling bins are ready to erect. A conversation regarding the restrooms at Hodor Park was initiated by Reba Greuling when she asked if we are to expect new restrooms this year. Mike said they are planning on possibly 2015. Joan Nano stated a toilet handrail and another bench in the changing area or hooks were needed in the restroom. Joan stated she would message Jule with the request. Reba also brought up the entrance light at the park should be changed from a small to a large one, and have it switched to shine toward 27. Newsletter: Karen Faunce reported she had received $350 in advertising for the January newsletter. She stated the next newsletter should be mailed by March 30, and she needed chairmen reports by March 21. Jule requested we put a blurb in the newsletter asking for gate sitters. New Business: Michael Foret reported on the proposed current route for the pipeline going through Three Rivers on the Suwannee Side. He stated the alternate route would be down 129 and on March 24th there will be a meeting at the Live Oak City Hall at 6 p.m. regarding this information. He asked the board whether they wanted to attend the meeting as a board and make a statement/stand. Laura Dailey will draw up a statement and the board will approve it through email. Joan Nano motioned to encourage Sabal Trails to go with the existing route and include this information in the next TREPO newsletter. Reba Greuling seconded the motion with all approving and the motion passing. April Picnic: George Duren will inventory supplies before the picnic and Reba offered to head the 50/50 drawing. Adjournment: Jule McGee motioned to adjourn with Laura Dailey seconding. All voted to adjourn the meeting.