Minutes 6/14

TREPO BOARD MEETING MINUTES 06/03/2014 Roll Call: Members Present – Jule McGee, Glenn Hunter, Charlie Arnett, Joan Nano, Phyl Rea, Mike Foret, Mike Wilson, Members Absent – Don Spradley, Reba Greuling, Laura Dailey, Karen Mullins, Perrie Whitten, John Bryant, Sammy Keen, George Horne Guest – Millie McGee Michael Foret called the meeting to order. Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance were recited. Roll call was taken. Secretary’s Report: Minutes were not handed out, as Perrie Whitten was absent. Treasurer’s Report: Charlie Arnett reported $40,000 in savings and a CD in the bank. Glenn Hunter made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report with Joan Nano seconding that motion. All approved and the motion passed. Membership Report: Michael Foret reported membership was currently at 578 for 2014 members, with a projection of approximately 623 for 2014. Park Management: Jule McGee gave the report for the Columbia County parks. He stated some projects would have to be postponed due to flooding. He reported the summer Hodor gate greeting jobs have been covered so far. Fencing was discussed regarding the A-frame and storage shed at Hodor. It was decided the fencing would have to be installed at an angle for maximum usage. Glenn Hunter suggested getting Rusty DePratter to come to Hodor and give suggestions. Jule reported Jason is building a new horseshoe box at Hodor Park. Joan Nano inquired as to whether the debris at the park can be burned. Mike Foret answered that it must be a planned activity. New Business: Pipeline News: The pipeline has been moved to where the current pipeline is by the concrete plant. It will be going back about 20 miles south of the river and completely bypasses Three Rivers. Front Lighting: is good for now. It was decided direct lighting could be installed at a later date. Internet Access: It was discussed that Internet access at Hodor Park would cost approximately $350 with another $100 for a radio. Glenn Hunter made a motion to approve this expenditure and amended that motion to spend $800 so as to include Suwannee County. Jule McGee seconding the motion. All approved and the motion passed. Adjournment: Joan Nano motioned to adjourn with Charlie Arnett seconding. All voted to adjourn the meeting.