Minutes 9/15

TREPO BOARD MEETING MINUTES SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 Attendance: Present: JOAN NANO, JULE MCGEE, GEORGE HORNE, LAURA DAILEY, KAREN MULLINS, EVELYN JOHNSON, PERRIE WHITTEN, LINDA HIZER, PHYL REA, MILLIE MCGEE, SASSY JOHNSON, MIKE WILSON, JOHN BRYANT Absent: DON SPRADLEY, GLENN HUNTER, CHARLEE THOMPSON, SAMMY KEEN, CHARLIE ARNETT Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance Opening: It was suggested that Linda Hizer replace Don Spradley due to his number of absences. Linda agreed to the change. Secretary’s Report: Perrie Whitten handed out the August TREPO minutes. John Bryant motioned to approve the minutes with Phyl Rea seconding. All approved and the motion passed. Treasurer’s Report: Evelyn Johnson passed out the Treasurer’s Report. Evelyn stated she wanted to set up the bank account for automatic bill pay. Jule McGee motioned to allow the set-up and John Bryant seconded that motion. All approved with the motion passing. Mike Wilson motioned to approve the report with Linda Hizer seconding that motion. All approved and the motion passed. It was decided there would be a one-time fee of $25 for a lost key. Membership Report: Membership is up to 660 with 3 brand new members. Park Management: $500 was allocated at the August TREPO meeting to complete repairs at parks on the Suwannee side. John Bryant amended the request to $400 for tables and a gate. Jule motioned to approve this request with Mike seconding that motion. All approved with the motion passing. New Business: The October picnic is ready with the same menu as in years past, and will be held on October 10th. Evelyn Johnson will be selling t-shirts for $10 at the picnic. Jule McGee reported the locks will be changed on January 16th and will order the keys on December 1st. Phyl Rea reported she will hold the Halloween party on October 24th with Amanda and Heather helping. Mike Wilson offered to research plans from other organizations to avoid conflict. Newsletter: Charlee Thompson will be handling the newsletter and will accept articles via email. Adjournment: Phyl Rea motioned to adjourn the meeting with John Bryant seconding that motion. All approved with the meeting being adjourned.