Picnic/Members Meeting

Property Owners, We just had the second member’s meeting of the year on October 13th. Voting was held for group “A” Board of Directors, Officers, and Alternates. Out of 767 members, only 55 people voted. How can the Board truly represent our members if they keep silent? Grumblings, gossip, and negative comments can be found on Facebook. (Did you vote?) All members are welcome to become involved at our monthly Board meetings, the first Tuesday, 7:00 p.m. at the Hodor Park Clubhouse, as well as our member’s meetings in April and October. Mr. Timothy R. Cash addressed our meeting/picnic Saturday, and expressed an interest in having a special member’s meeting for people to voice their concerns and ideas in a constructive manner to give better direction for the Board. If you are interested in attending, call 386-497-3320. If there is no answer after 6 rings, leave a message and someone will respond back to you when able.Joan Nano