The challenges continue, and small victories pave the way for protecting our rivers, springs and drinking water from those who seem not to care much about the futures of our children and grandchildren. We will not give up on that future, so here’s my 3 Rivers environmental update: Spectra Energy’s Sabal Trail Pipeline is having a hard time, with lots of delays, reroutes and the falling prices of gas and oil. Big investors are pulling out to cut their losses, and many states have already passed NO FRACKING laws. It has been nearly a year since our BOCC said they too would draft a resolution to ban fracking in Columbia County. They are very slow and we are very patient! On thursday 1/21 the board of commissioners said they would start working on that draft (don’t hold your breath). In the meantime, Spectra pipelines have been STOPPED or cancelled in 4 more states! Big victories for them and small but important victories for us! I told you this would be a long process and we are only just beginning year 3 of a 4-6 year process. We are NOT giving up! It CAN still be stopped!! Many thanks to those who continue to support our efforts!! Spectra is now known as the #1 POLLUTER in British Columbia and ranks #7 on the EPA’s list of top civil penalties for toxic PCB pollution/contamination of US waterways! Their pipeline in the gulf is leaking at 89 different sites & the penalties have topped $15 million on their pipeline from TX to NJ! NEVER GIVE UP!