TREPO Board Meeting April 2017

TREPO Board Meeting April 4, 2017 (Tentative)
Board Members Present: Joan Nano, Marcus Morgan, Glenn Hunter, Jule McGee, Phyl Rea, Charlee Thompson, Mike Wilson, Tom Tramel
Board Members Absent: John Bryant (excused), Sammy Keen (excused), Laura Dailey (excused)
Officers Present: Millie McGee, Perrie Whitten, Evelyn Johnson
Officers Absent: Don Warming excused
Alternates Present: Sassy Johnson, Charlie Arnett, Linda Hizer
Alternates Absent: Karen Mullins (excused)
Guests: Terry Downs, Regina Severance, Mr. Clark

The meeting was *called to order* by Joan Nano and was opened with prayer and the pledge of allegiance by Joan Nano.
A nonmember, Kevin Sullivan, gave a presentation to the board concerning our “mission statement”.
Perrie Whitten conducted *roll call*. Joan Nano thanked Perrie for her service after relaying that this would be Perrie’s last meeting. Joan Nano asked Linda Hizer to volunteer for secretary. Linda Hizer accepted and pledged to do her best. No objections were given. The minutes for March 7th were reviewed and passed by the board.
The *treasurer’s report* was submitted by Evelyn Johnson (email). Joan Nano asked for clarification regarding income and expenses. The report was passed by the board.
The *membership report* was presented by Charlie Arnett; 676 total members with 8 more to be processed. (no breakdown of CC/SC)
*Park Management Report CC: *Jule McGee reported: (1) An electric line will be run to provide electricity for a shed at Point Park. (2) A “greeter’s” shed will be built at Point Park. (3) A new maintenance gate will be installed at Point Park. (4) Jule expressed a need to find out who will pay for what in replacing the fence between TREPO land and the land on the Santa Fe (private owner). (5) Jule McGee invited help on these projects. (“Buddy” will help.)
A motion was made and passed to allow $500 dollars for a gate and fencing for the projects at Point Park.
*Park Management Report SC*: (John Bryant was unable to attend the meeting due to illness in his family.) Joan Nano shared that the woman living next to the boat ramp on the SC side phoned her complaining about 4-wheelers going down her driveway and suggested that someone address this situation with John later.

*Newsletter Report: *Praise was given for the recent newsletter.

*Old Business: *
Glenn Hunter reported that he had run into some difficulties finishing the A-frame roof due to the pitch of the roof but had contacted someone who could help.
*New Business:*
Joan Nano stated that no one from the sheriff’s department attended the picnic, therefore no presentation (plaque of appreciation) could be made. Joan Nano, Mike Wilson, and Marcus Morgan volunteered to go. Joan Nano will set up an appointment with Mark Hunter for the presentation. Don Warming will be invited to go.
Glen Hunter reported that some loud groups of young people had started to gather at Mid-Point Park. The group is parking vehicles way out on the main road…..may need to investigate situation.
Mike Wilson stated that we need to give the sheriff’s department new keys so they can look into this matter. Evelyn stated she would give Mike a key for the sheriff’s department. (Key will be given with presentation of plaque.)
Jule McGee reported vandalism in the ladies’ room at Hodor Park. Someone knocked the paper dispensers off the walls. He repaired all but one.
Tom Tramel suggested that a picture of the vandalism be posted on Facebook/TREPO website/Newsletter with caption stating that if it is determined who did this, the property owner is responsible for cost of repair. He also suggested an investigation of surveillance cameras. A discussion followed. Tom Tramel was asked to find out more about surveillance equipment. Jule McGee made a motion to give $300 to Tom Tramel to spend on a surveillance camera. The motion was passed by the board.
*Guests were acknowledged* and given the opportunity to contribute. Regina Severance was given permission to purchase a trash can for Brennan Park in SC. Evelyn Johnson will reimburse her upon presentation of a receipt. Charlee Thompson will help with placement of the trash can.

Linda Hizer