TREPO Board Meeting March 6

TREPO Board Meeting March 6, 2018 (approved April 3, 2018)
Board Members Present: Joan Nano, Marcus Morgan, John Bryant, Laura Dailey, Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter, Sammy Keen, Jule McGee, Phyllis Rea, Charlee Thompson, Mike Wilson
Officers Present: Victoria Imm, Millie McGee, Evelyn Johnson, Linda Hizer
Alternates Present: Karen Mullins, Sassy Johnson, Charlie Arnett
Guests: Larry Clifford, Terry Downs, Ray Gerner, Fran Kidd, Dusty Trail, Ky Deck
Joan Nano called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance and the prayer . Joan also relayed the news of Paul Morris’ death and asked for a donation of $100 to be sent to his widow, Melba Elrod. A motion was made and passed to do so. Linda Hizer passed a sympathy card to be signed by those who wished to sign.
Secretary’s Report: Linda Hizer called roll and passed out the minutes to the February 6 th meeting. The Board approved the minutes.
Treasury Report: Evelyn Johnson reviewed the January report and the Board approved the report. She stated that she and Marcus Morgan had worked on the report together to show more detailed information. Evelyn Johnson stated the status of the money market account could be viewed on the e-mail sent with each month’s P & L/reconciliation statement ($32,437.49 as of January). She reviewed the February report and the Board approved the report.
Membership Report: Charlie Arnett reported a total of 632 members for the year 2018: 492 CC/140 SC, 50 new members 45 CC/15 SC.
Park Management Report CC: Jule McGee stated that we may need to hire a plumber to correct the problem with the bathroom septic system.
Gates and fencing will need to be torn down then re-placed at Hodor Park. Gates and fencing are to be put up at Brennan Park. Jule suggested we tackle one park at a time. ***A motion was made and approved to get a new gate for Brennan Park and to allow up to $250 to be spent on a new gate. Discussion followed concerning the re-fencing in back of the A-frame but was tabled for a future date.
Discussion about the use of the A-frame took place/museum with artifacts. It was decided that public use of the A-frame would be limited and that Board approval would be needed.
Joan Nano stated that something needed to be done about the water collection in the vestibule in front of the bathroom at Hodor Park. She also pointed out the exposed wiring in the men’s bathroom. Lights are working in the women’s bathroom. The table still needs to be moved from around the cedar tree.
Jule McGee stated that Dusty Trail disposed of 17 loads of brush at Bridge Park and 12 loads at Camping Park. Jule suggested that Sammy Keen contact DEP to see what we can do about steps to access the river bank at Camping Park. Evelyn Johnson stated that we need steps at Point Park to get out of the water after floating.
John Bryant stated that the grass-cutter we had last year will be back to do the work for 2018.
Joan Nano relayed that there is a problem with ATVs entering Boat Ramp Park through a hole in the fence along the power line. The hole needs to be blocked in some way to prevent entrance.
Jule McGee said that he would have to find out from the county what could be done with Fishing Park since it is a wetland.
Park Management SC: John Bryant/Vicki Imm reported that the replacement of the Brennan Park sign is in progress and that there is a need for 5 No-Fire Arm signs and a fire-ring. Laura Dailey stated she will paint the original sign at Brennan Park if TREPO will pay for the paint. It was stated that we would have to wait on the Highway 27 sign. Brennan Park has been cleaned up thanks to Vicki Imm, Larry Clifford. Terry Downs, and Laura Dailey.
Vicki Imm reported the need to check on the erosion at Brennan Park to see if anything could be done to prevent further damage.
Vicki Imm reported that the Britt Survey team had concluded the survey, markers had been placed, but the report still needed to be picked up.
*** A motion was made and passed to use the previously approved $2,000 for a light at Brennan Park to be applied to a service pole/outlet at Brennan Park. The light pole will be provided for free. There will be a monthly bill for the light ($12) on the service pole and a charge for the electric.
*** A motion was made and passed to allow up to $3,000 to be spent on fencing, post, barbed wire, and trash cans/chains for Brennan Park. Vicki stated that a port-a-pot would be needed later.
*** A motion was made and passed to pay Dusty Trail up to $700 to pressure wash the SC bathroom/pavilion, roof, slab, and to paint the bathroom inside and out.
Newsletter Report: (All articles for the newsletter should have been sent to Karen Faunce March 2.)
Old Business: Vicki Imm is in charge of the April 14 th picnic. Mike Wilson will pick up picnic supplies. The menu will be fish, hushpuppies, grits, baked beans, and cole-slaw.
Charlee Thompson will need a copy of what is put in the newsletter for the website.
New Business: Joan Nano will conduct a tour of parks on April 28 th .
Charlie Arnett stated that the minutes should be sent to Board members and alternates only.
*** A motion was made and passed to pay the people doing garbage duty $50 plus $12 gas money to take care of all 7 parks each week during the summer season (May, June, July, August).
Open Forum: Ky Deck offered help with needed projects at TREPO. Larry Clifford asked and was granted permission to trim trees at Brennan Park. Vicki Imm reminded Tom Tramel and Linda Hizer about the training session for greeters that needed to take place before Memorial Day weekend. Linda Hizer stated she would start calling greeters for updated information and ask about a preferred time/date in May.
A motion was made and passed to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.