TREPO Board Meeting Minutes Dec. 5, 2017

TREPO Board Meeting December 5, 2017 (approved January 2, 2018)
Board Members Present: Joan Nano, Marcus Morgan, John Bryant, Laura Dailey, Tom Tramel, Glenn, Hunter, Sammy Keen, Jule McGee, Phylis Rea, Mike Wilson
Board Members Absent: Charlee Thompson (excused)
Officers Present: Victoria Imm, Millie McGee, Evelyn Johnson, Linda Hizer
Alternates Present: Karen Mullins, Sassy Johnson, Charlie Arnett
Guests Present: Michael Dixon, Jennifer Hartman, Larry Clifford, Terry Downs, Ray Gerner
Joan Nano called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Mike Wilson offered the prayer.
Secretary’s Report: Linda Hizer called roll and passed out the minutes to the last meeting. The minutes were approved by the Board.
Treasury Report: The report was presented by Evelyn Johnson and was approved by the Board. The surplus was reported to be around $27,000. Evelyn reminded the Board that receipts for materials/voided checks needed to be turned in. Evelyn Johnson also reported a letter of appreciation to TREPO. Joan Nano said she has had some complaints from people who are no longer Three River Residents receiving invoices for membership.
Membership Report: Evelyn Johnson reported approximately 85 members have turned in their dues.
Park Management Report CC: It was reported that the light at Hodor gate was not coming on. Jule McGee stated that the keys were ordered for the January 13th pick-up date. He is still trying to get rock/dirt for driveways. Peloni’s fee for port-a-lets is $374.56 a month. No proposals from Triple A have been received. Ray Gerner said he would get with Triple A to get invoice for next meeting.
Park Management Report SC: John Bryant said that he had talked to the county about the possibility of safety lights at the SC parks but there are distancing, financial, and elevation problems. Glenn Hunter stated he would talk to the Suwannee Valley manager about issues regarding the lights.
Newsletter Report: Karen Faunce was not present.
Old Business: Glenn Hunter reminded the Board that the amount approved for the A Frame construction did not include money for electrical work and the air conditioner. A motion was made and approved unopposed for $3000 to complete the project.
New Business: Future projects were discussed to possibly include building steps out of/into the water at Point Park, steps leading to the water at Camping Park, a separate entrance for tubers at Hodor Park, and a picnic table at Point Park with shelter.
Joan Nano suggested posting pictures of the upcoming wedding or other future events at Hodor Park on the website.
The Policy and Procedures Committee will work on form letters to be sent for by-laws violations, subject to Board approval.
Tom Tramel suggested that newsletters be sent by e-mail to save money. A discussion concluded that this was not feasible at this time.
A motion was made to adjourn at approximately 8:00 p.m. Linda Hizer