TREPO Board Meeting Minutes June 6th 2017

TREPO Board Meeting Minutes June 6, 2017 (Approved August 1, 2017)
Board Members Present: Joan Nano, Marcus Morgan, John Bryant, Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter, Jule McGee, Charlee Thompson
Board Members Absent: Laura Dailey (excused), Sammy Keen (excused), Phyllis Rea (excused), Mike Wilson (excused)
Officers Present: Victoria Imm, Millie McGee, Evelyn Johnson, Linda Hizer
Alternates Present: Sassy Johnson
Alternates Absent: Karen Mullins (excused), Charlie Arnett (excused)
Guests: Terry Downs, Larry Clifford, Laura Hunter

The meeting was *called to order*, opened with prayer and the pledge of allegiance by Joan Nano at 7:00 p.m.
Linda Hizer conducted *roll call*. Board members were asked to review the *minutes* for the previous May and April board meetings. John Bryant inquired about the report of four wheelers at SC boat ramp park. After time for review, both sets of minutes were passed by the board. (Evelyn Johnson did not receive e-mailed minutes…will check out problem….will add John Bryant and Victoria Imm to e-mail list.)
The *Treasurer’s report* was submitted by Evelyn Johnson (email). Joan Nano said that the checks issued for cleaning of the parks needed to be monitored. Joan also stated that Jule needed to approve checks issued for maintenance and cleaning fees. The report was passed by the board.
The *membership report* was given by Joan Nano. 719 total members ….. 561- CC/158 –SC
*Park Management Report CC*: (1) Jule McGee thanked Glenn Hunter, Charlie Arnett, Ray Burnsed, and Tom Tramel for their help in completing the greeter’s shelter at Pt. Park. He stated the need to complete the power hook-up for the shelter. (2) Glenn Hunter suggested honoring Ray Burnsed, Jr*. *with a thank-you letter from the board and a $200 gift card for his donation of property easement for the project. Mr. Burnsed furnished the lumber for the shelter and fence, prefabbed the metal for the shelter roof, and helped with completion of the project. The board approved the gift card/letter unanimously. Linda Hizer will write the thank-you letter. Evelyn Johnson will purchase the gift card. Glenn Hunter will present the letter and gift personally. (3) Joan Nano reported park greeter results at Hodor Park for the holiday weekend: 577 May 27th, 631 May 28th, 460 May 29th (4) Nano also brought up the need to replace/repair the lock at Point Park.
*Park Management Report SC: *John Bryant reported a busy Memorial Day weekend with a fish fry included at Suwannee Boat Ramp.
*Newsletter Report: *The need for each newsletter author to see their edited contribution was suggested. Marcus Morgan will speak with Karen Faunce.

*Old Business: *Marcus Morgan stated the club house reservation process was working fine. Reservations in Hodor Park for pavilions was discussed. Marcus Morgan will take reservations for the two larger pavilions. The smaller pavilions will remain first come, first serve.
Charlee Thompson was commended for updating the TREPO website. Charlee has added some polls inquiring about our park greeters, prices to join the homeowner’s association, and suggestions for website improvements. A board member commented a weather link would be nice.
*New Business: *Joan Nano shared an old paper from Hodor that has been circulating. It states that joining the home owner’s association is voluntary. This paper was never registered or certified as part of our by-laws or deed restrictions.
Glenn Hunter proposed that members be thinking about a possible price increase for more improvements to our CC and SC parks to be discussed further in October 2017.
Victoria Imm relayed a problem with firing guns on the SC side of Three Rivers. The board voted to seek legal counsel in handling this matter. Glenn Hunter will seek counsel and report back.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 p.m.