TREPO Board Meeting Minutes June

TREPO Board Meeting Minutes (approved 7/5/16)

June 7, 2016

Board Members Present: Joan Nano, Charles Arnett, John Bryant, Linda Hizer, Glenn Hunter, Sammy Keen, Mike

Wilson, Charlee Thompson

Board Members Absent: Jule McGee (excused), Phyllis Rhea (excused), Laura Dailey (excused)

Officers Present: George Horne, Evelyn Johnson

Officers Absent: Millie McGee (excused), Perrie Whitten (excused)

Alternates Absent: Sassy Johnson (excused), Karen Mullins (excused)

Guests: Vicki Imm, Mike Davis, Larry Clifford, Karen Faunce, Jennifer Embury, Dale Goss, Teresa. Goss Don


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Joan Nano who also opened the meeting with prayer and the

pledge of allegiance.

Joan Nano conducted roll call.

The secretary’s report was forgone due to the absence of Perrie Whitten.

The treasurer’s report was accepted and approved.

The membership report was presented by Charlie Arnett for Michael Foret: 682 total members (529 from

Columbia County/153 from Suwannee County)

Park Management Report CC:

Joan Nano welcomed/introduced Don Warming as the new manager to Point Park and appointed him as an

alternate to the TREPO Board.

Locks on Midpoint Park and Point Park gates have been repaired. Lock on Camping Park gate remains busted.

Charlie Arnett stated that the new bathroom locks in Hodar Park should be rekeyed at 10:00 a.m. on this

Thursday. Once locks have been rekeyed, members will need their keys to enter the bathroom except when Gate

Greeters are present. Gate Greeters will open the bathrooms while doing duty and lock them when duty times are


Park Management Report SC:

John Bryant complimented SC boat ramp park neighbors for mowing the grass when needed without solicitation.

Newsletter Report:

Karen Faunce asked for suggestions to improve the newsletter. She stated that the newsletter could include “for

sale” type items from the public. Karen was commended for the number of adds she gathered. The newsletter is

due to be sent out in September.