TREPO Board Meeting Minutes November 7, 2017

TREPO Board Meeting November 7, 2017 (approved December 5, 2017)
Board Members Present: Joan Nano, Marcus Morgan, John Bryant, Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter, Jule McGee, Phylis Rea, Charlee Thompson, Mike Wilson
Board Members Absent: Laura Dailey (excused), Sammy Keen (excused)
Officers Present: Victoria Imm, Millie McGee, Evelyn Johnson, Linda Hizer
Officers Absent: none
Alternates Present: Karen Mullen, Charlie Arnett
Alternates Absent: Sassy Johnson (excused)
Guests Present: Terry Downs, Kathy Stark, Ray Gerner, Travis Koon, Laura Hunter
Joan Nano called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and led with the Pledge of Allegience. Mike Wilson led with prayer.
Secretary’s Report: Linda Hizer took roll call and passed out the minutes of the last meeting. The minutes were approved by the Board.
Treasury Report: The report was presented by Evelyn Johnson and reviewed by the Board. The Board approved the treasury report.
Membership Report: The report was given by Charlie Arnett. The final count for 2017 was 743.
Park Management Report CC: Jule McGee stated that spreading fill rock was ongoing and that some signs were ready to go up in various parks. Jule can provide locks for Sammy Keen’s project on the bathroom doors at Hodor Park (to be used in times of power outages). Joan Nano reported a problem with flickering lights in the women’s bathroom and the far commode leaking in the men’s bathroom.
Park Management Report SC: John Bryant reported that one was now able to enter the parks but the fence was in need of repair. John stated that he would get with Dusty to give an estimate for the repair.
Newsletter Report: Karen Faunce was not present but Joan Nano reminded us to ready for the January Newsletter.
Old Business: Travis Koon informed the Board that he would need additional time to investigate the proposed by-laws and offered his assistance in the future. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to send a “cease and desist” letter to the SC offender for discharging of firearms in a TREPO neighborhood, to be presented by the SC sheriff’s department. The previous report on car vandalism at the SC boat-ramp was taken care of. Pictures were taken by neighbors and the people were arrested. Joan asked if it were possible to build a walkway to provide tubers a different entrance to the river at Hodor Park. She asked Glenn Hunter to look into this issue.
New Business: Evelyn Johnson said the pick-up date for keys would begin January 13th and a sign should be posted to inform the public. Joan Nano said she could post the date on the website. The 2018 Proposed Budget was passed out by Evelyn Johnson. The budget was approved by the Board except for the surplus amount which cannot be determined until the end of the year. Questions were asked about surplus money. Another question arose about whether security would be voluntary or would greeters receive compensation for their time, and would gate greeters be trained. It was noted no money was budgeted for training, service, or security equipment. (Joan Nano stated that the By-Laws committee was working on policies and procedures at present.) It was suggested that some of the surplus and possible increase in dues be used for proper training/compensation of greeters and security equipment. Joan Nano requested Tom Tramel train the gate greeters. Tom Tramel accepted if he could do it on a one time basis. It was also suggested that we investigate a new keying system for the future. John Bryant made a motion for an increase in dues to $150 in the year 2019. Jule McGee seconded the motion. It was also stated that a plan should be presented to our members to show how the money would be used for the good of TREPO. The motion was approved with seven ayes and three nays. Vicki Imm asked to have a porta-pottie placed at Brennan Park on the SC side, as well as fencing. Discussion followed stating the problems in the past of vandalism which led to the need for lighting and cameras for security. Marcus Morgan asked if everyone received copies of the proposed policies and procedures. Joan Nano said she had not received a copy. A motion was made to adjourn at 8:21 p.m.
Linda Hizer