TREPO Board Meeting October 2017

TREPO Board Meeting Minutes (approved November 7, 2017) October 3, 2017 Board Members Present: Joan Nano, Marcus Morgan, John Bryant, Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter, Sammy Keen, Jule McGee, Phyllis Rea, Charlee Thompson, Mike Wilson Board Members Absent: Laura Dailey (excused) Officers Present: Victoria Imm, Millie McGee, Evelyn Johnson, Linda Hizer Alternates Present: Karen Mullins, Charlie Arnett Alternates Absent: Sassy Johnson (excused) Guests Present: Dusty Trail, Terry Downs, Leanne Custer, Kathy Stark, Ray Gerner, George Horne, Michael Dixon, Jennifer Hartman, Dustin Dixon Joan Nano called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegience. Vickie Imm said the prayer. Secretary’s Report: Linda Hizer took roll call. The September minutes were issued and approved by the Board. Treasurer’s Report: Evelyn Johnson opened up the Treasurer’s Report for discussion. The Board approved the report. Evelyn stated that she had not received an invoice from Paul Morrison. Membership Report: Charlie Arnett stated that the numbers remained the same as last month. (741) Park Management Report CC: Due to the hurricane there has been a lot of damage to roads (Mid-Point Park/ Santa Fe Drive) and downed trees (Point Park). Jule McGee stated that he had a plan to start cleanup with Point Park. He has discussed a clean-up estimate with Dusty Trail. A motion was made and passed for Jule to go ahead with his plan. Joan Nano has talked to the county concerning Santa Fe Drive. Joan Nano also talked to Peloni about replacing the porta-toilets. All porta-toilets should be changed out in a couple of days. Jule McGee stated that the porta-lets should be pulled out of the parks before the arrival of a hurricane. Joan Nano stated that she would be getting estimates from some other companies which provide this same service. Marcus Morgan stated that Hodor Park failed the water test taken October 1st, 2017. Marcus witnessed the water testing procedure and was not satisfied that the testing steps taken were valid. Marcus did a second test and sent it in to the county and is waiting on the results. Marcus stated we needed to be ready to take quick action if the second test failed due to the picnic. Marcus Morgan will notify the Board of the test results. Joan Nano stated the bathrooms in Hodor Park need to be locked during a prolonged electrical outage. Sammy Keen purchased materials to enable locked bathroom doors that cannot be opened with a membership key. An out of order sign will need to be placed on the doors. Park Management Report SC: John Bryant stated that Boat Ramp Park and Brennan Park were still flooded so no plans could be made for repair. Victoria Imm stated that recently a member’s car was burglarized at SC Boat Ramp Park by 2 nonmembers. The sheriff’s department asked for pictures from the security cameras at the park. She discovered that the camera could not provide still shots. Vickie Imm questioned our responsibility/liability in this or similar situations. Charlie Thompson will consult with other Board members to purchase the needed equipment/materials to provide this service. Newsletter Report: All were satisfied with the recent newsletter publication. Old Business: Sammy Keen is looking into purchasing a Mitzibishi air-conditioning unit for the clubhouse. Vickie Imm reported the By-Laws and Restrictions have been e-mailed to Glenn Hunter and that Glenn Hunter will deliver them to the lawyer’s office. These should be ready to present at the next Board meeting. Joan Nano stated that the numbers in our parks do not appear to be a problem but asked the Board to consider having floaters access the river at Hodor Park a different way in order to stop crowding/confusion in the swim area. It was noted that picnic signs needed to be found and put up before the picnic. New Business: It was suggested that a committee be formed to explore new ways to give members entrance to our parks that may be more secure. This was tabled for the next meeting. A motion was made and passed for the By-Laws/Restrictions Committee to begin on policies and procedures and will work with the Gate Greeters Committee. Signage will be included in policies and procedures. Vickie Imm suggested that a line be included on the P and L report for replacement keys so we would know how much we are spending in this area. Open Forum: A gentleman complained about the porta-potties and suggested we try a new company. Michael Dixon suggested that we combine efforts in cleaning the river with other organizations and will let us know the date. Joan Nano adjourned the meeting.
Linda Hizer