TREPO needs YOU!!

Application for TREPO OFFICE

TREPO NEEDS YOU!  Dear Member:  Please consider running for our Board, an Alternate, or an Officer.  TREPO needs new faces and new ideas. Please fill out and return to the address below prior to August 20th so we can add your name to the ballot.

c/o Charles Arnett
PO Box 148,
Fort White, FL. 32038

Application for TREPO OFFICE – 2016 Election                                                                                                           

Being an Officer or Board Member requires that you be available for committees, and a participant in member events.
Membership #_________

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Three Rivers address: _______________________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________

Phone Number (      )-(      )-(             )  Email _____________________________

Years a property owner ___________  Years a TREPO Member______________

What ONE Position would you like to run for?
(  ) President, (  ) Vice President, (  ) Secretary, (   ) Treasurer
(  ) Board Member, (   ) Alternate, (  ) Membership Secretary – This is an appointed position, but if you are interested, please let us know.

Can you make all the TREPO Meetings – The 1st Tuesday of each Month? ______

We need short biography from you that will be published in the TREPO Newsletter and/or Trepo Website.  50 words or less on a separate sheet.

_________________________________________       ______________________
Signature                                                              Date

Application for TREPO OFFICE