• 20180102 Meeting Minutes

  • TREPO Board Meeting January 2, 2018 (approved February 6, 2018)

    Board Members Present:  Joan Nano, Marcus Morgan, John Bryant, Laura Dailey, Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter, Sammy Keen, Charlee Thompson, Mike Wilson

    Board Members Absent:  Jule McGee (excused), Phyllis Rea (excused)

    Officers Present:  Victoria Imm, Evelyn Johnson, Linda Hizer

    Officers Absent:  Millie McGee (excused)

    Alternates Present:  Karen Mullins, Charlie Arnett

    Alternates Absent:  Sassy Johnson, excused

    Guests:  Terry Downs

    Joan Nano called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Vicki Imm offered the prayer.

    Secretary’s Report:  Linda Hizer called roll and passed out the minutes to the last meeting.  The minutes were approved by the Board.

    Treasury Report:  Evelyn Johnson read a letter of praise to the Board.  A motion was made and approved to move a rounded figure of $12,000 into reserves as discussed at the previous meeting (40% of the surplus from 2017).  Joan Nano requested to have moneys collected for membership explained on treasury report when in excess of standard fee (late fees, unpaid dues when land is sold, etc.). The treasury report was approved by the Board.

    Membership Report:  Charlie Arnett reported 328 processed members for 2018.  Joan Nano stated Board members should be paid up this month.

    Park Management Report CC:  Charlie Arnett reported an issue with the new type keys which could not be received until Jan. 20th.  This caused a problem with the schedule in place to pick up keys on the 13th.  To keep the time schedule, the older type keys will be bought and used.  The newer type key order will be kept open for next year’s use.

    The A-Frame has been wired for electric and is ready to have floor laid.  Hopefully, the A-Frame will be ready for next month’s Board meeting.

    Joan Nano reported that the light in the women’s bathroom is still flickering but the commode in the men’s bathroom appears to have quit leaking.

    Park Management Report SC:  Glenn Hunter was absent so we have no report on talk with Suwannee Valley manager.

    Newsletter Report:   Karen Faunce was not present. January, April, May, and September have been recommended months for the newsletter in the past.  Joan Nano suggested rearranging the times so that newsletters are received before our picnics.  Consensus was to have March, May, and September newsletters.

    Old Business:  Vicki Imm talked to Mr. Cameron concerning the debris still is his yard next to Point Park.  Mr. Cameron vowed to have the problem taken care of by mid-January. Vicki also stated that county Code Enforcement was aware of this situation and could be used to back us up.  Joan Nano asked that the Board be kept informed.  Marcus Morgan reminded the Board that this was our first “test” case and we are learning as we go.

    A vote on porta-pot services was tabled until similar proposals could be displayed by Peloni’s and AAA Porta Serve.  Linda Hizer volunteered to get proposals from both companies by the next meeting.  Service proposals will be for twice a  week in May, June, July, and August for Point Park, Boat Ramp Park, and Mid-Point Park – once  every other week during September, October, November, December, January, February, March, and April.  Service proposals will be for once a week at Bridge Park and Camping Park during May, June, July,  and August – once a month during September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April.)

    Tom Tramel will plan to train gate-greeters either in April or May.  Joan Nano or Linda Hizer will give him a list of phone numbers and e-mails.

    New Business:   Joan Nano made the Board aware of someone who may be “living off the grid” in Three Rivers.  The Sherriff’s department is aware of the situation and is watching.

    A motion was made and seconded for adjournment.  Joan Nano adjourned the meeting at 7:50 p.m.                   Linda Hizer