• 20180703 Meeting Minutes

  • TREPO Meeting July 3, 2018 (approved August 7, 2018)

    TREPO Board Members Present:  Joan Nano, Marcus Morgan, John Bryant, Laura Dailey, Sammy Keen, Jule McGee, Charlee Thompson, Mike Wilson

    TREPO Board Members Absent:  Glenn Hunter (excused), Tom Tramel (excused), Phylis Rea (excused)

    Officers Present:  Victoria Imm, Millie McGee, Evelyn Johnson, Linda Hizer

    Alternates Present:  Karen Mullins, Sassy Johnson, Charlie Arnett

    Guests:  Larry Clifford, Patrick McCullah, Terry Downs, Michael Dixon, Jennifer Hartman, Jesse Crane, Richard D. Gordon CP, Bill Martin, Abogail Roser, Bethany Pierce, Dusty Trail

    Joan Nano called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m.  Joan led the Pledge of allegiance and John Bryant said a Prayer.  Linda Hizer called roll.  Charlie Arnette, Karen Mullins, and Sassy Johnson were asked to fill the empty Board seats.

    Secretary’s Report:  The June minutes were passed out and approved.

    Treasury Report:  Evelyn Johnson went over the P&L statement and reconciliation report.  She reported the Money Market balance to be $32,478.71 as of June 30, 2018 and an ending TD Bank balance of $44, 529.30.  The Treasury Report was approved by the Board.

    Membership Report:  Charlie Arnett reported a total of 742 members.

    Park Management Report CC:  Bill Martin passed out a comparison of the cost to provide electricity to Point Park between Clay Electric ($1,670) and Solar Energy ($1,170).  A discussion for the need for electricity at Point Park included lighting for safety, cameras for security, as well as provisions for the gate greeter pavilion.  The pros and cons of each energy source were discussed.   Due to the location and possible need for expansion, it was decided to pursue electricity with Clay electric.  *****A motion was made and passed unanimously to pay $125 for a “new service” fee to Clay Electric.  One of Clay Electric’s engineers will determine what our next step will be in accomplishing our goal as well as the cost.

    The need to close the opening at Camping Park is ongoing.

    Charlie Arnett will drill holes in the bathroom vestibule at Hodor Park to allow water to drain.

    $80 was spent to unplug a stopped-up toilet in the men’s handicapped bathroom as well as $5 to cap off a water faucet in the new parking area in front of the A-frame.

    The building committee was asked to check out the Mid-Point Park dock for repairs.

    John Bryant stated the need to replace grills at Hodor Park.  *****A motion was made and passed to let Mike Foret buy at least 2 more grills with thicker bottoms for Hodor Park.

    Park Management Report SC:   The recent vandalism to the fence at Brennen Park has been repaired.

    There will be a party/fishing tournament planned for the fall in SC.

    Newsletter Report:  Joan Nano introduced Bethany Pierce (a previous TREPO secretary) to the Board and stated that Bethany would hopefully run for secretary in the next election.   Joan reminded that all people running for the Board (Group A), officers, or alternates need to write an article about themselves and their intentions to run for which position, then send it to Karen Faunce for the next newsletter.  Elections will be held at our October picnic, October 13th, 2018.

    Old Business:  Joan Nano shared her findings about three different lawyers to hire for TREPO business.  Mr. Norris declined our business, Mr. Weller and Mr. Douglas gave a proposal of $225 per hour.  A discussion about the two lawyers followed.  *****A motion was made and passed to hire Patrick V. Douglas of 177 NW Madison St. Lake City, Florida, at a rate of $225 per hour.  Patrick Douglas is a member of TREPO.  His first line of business with TREPO will be to review our present P&P manual for approval.  After his approval, signs will be made to post our park rules in each park.

    After a discussion about installing new security cameras in Hodor Park:   *****A motion was made to table the decision about which company to go with in purchasing cameras.  Vicki Imm presented a proposal from Security Safe at a previous meeting.  Charlee Thompson requested a copy of the proposal to compare with an alternate company.

    New Business:  Joan Nano shared the problems with boats mooring at Point Park/ the problems with floaters on the water and boats/ as well as the environmental issues with gas, oil, and fumes from the boats.

    On June 10th, the CC sheriff’s department was called to report 4 boats tied up to the roots, trees, and benches at Point Park, blocking all exits from the water for tubers.  The sheriff’s department gave TREPO CAD #CCSO18CADO2537 to be used anytime TREPO reports an incident with boats (problems on land with boats).   The dispatch number for the Sheriff’s department is 752-9219.  The Florida Freshwater and Fish Commission was called later.  The Commission gave us a dispatch number of 1-904-359-6585 to report problems on the water.   On June the 16th and 17th, a deputy was hired for 2 hours each day at $35 an hour to patrol Point Park.   The boaters seemed to respond positively, in our favor, to the presence of an officer.  *****A motion was made and passed to allow Joan Nano to hire a deputy at $35 an hour on surprise weekend visits between now and Labor Day.

    Vicki Imm shared the problems at the SC Boat Ramp Park with nonmembers gaining entrance to the park.  She expressed the need for volunteer gate greeters as well as SC deputies there.  Vicki will call and get prices to hire officers to patrol their parks on the weekend.

    Vicki Imm and Evelyn Johnson are working on insurance for the A-Frame building.

    Complaints about Perrie Whitten’s old house on Montana was discussed (health and safety issues).  Vicki Imm will make a courtesy call to the new owners, expressing the concerns before further steps are taken from the Board.

    Positive comments from members about orderly trash can delivery and replacement on trash pick-up days was shared.  Positive comments on our members cleaning reserved areas after parties and park cleanup by members in general were given.

    The meeting adjourned at 8:08 P.m.