• 20180807 Meeting Minutes

  • TREPO Meeting August 7, 2018 (approved September 4,2018)

    Board Members Present:  Joan Nano, Marcus Morgan, John Bryant, Laura Dailey, Tom Tramel, Sammy Keen, Jule McGee, Phylis Rea, Charlee Thompson, Mike Wilson

    Board Members Absent:  Glen Hunter (excused)

    Officers Present:  Millie McGee, Evelyn Johnson, Linda Hizer

    Officers Absent:  Victoria Imm (excused)

    Alternates Present:  Karen Mullins

    Alternates Absent:  Sassy Johnson (excused), Charlie Arnett (excused)

    Guest:  Jesse Crane, Larry Clifford, Terry Downs, Ann Mueller, Al Mueller, Karen Faunce, Bill Martin, Haileigh Zabicki, Brynn and David Morgan, Arnold Bodnar

    Joan Nano called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and asked Karen Mullins to step up for Glenn Hunter.   Joan led the Pledge of Allegiance which was followed by Prayer by John Bryant.

    Secretary’s Report:  Linda Hizer called roll and passed out the August minutes which were approved by the Board.

    Treasury Report:  Evelyn Johnson reported our money market balance of $32,489.19 and an ending TD balance of $38,826.70.   The treasury report was approved by the Board.

    Membership Report:  Evelyn Johnson reported a total of 758 members for 2018 compared to 743 at the same time last year.  (586 CC/172 SC)  (75 new members, 53 CC/22 SC)

    Park Management CC:  Bill Martin is working on installing an electrical pole at Point Park.  Wiring could not be installed underground therefore it will have to be installed to a pole.  Further work on this project will take place Thursday afternoon between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.  Bill asked for anyone that could help to please meet him at Point Park at this time.

    Mid-Point Park dock is flooded so the dock cannot be inspected for repairs.

    Bill Martin repaired 3 of the sturdier grills at Hodor Park which could be welded.  Other grills in need of repair will have to be replaced due to the fact the metal cannot be welded.  John Bryant will check on their replacement.

    Point Park exit for tubers cannot be worked on due to high water.

    Dusty Trail will work on damaged picnic table at small pavilion/Hodor Park.

    Mike Wilson will work on damaged 15 mph signs.

    Water problem at bathroom vestibule ongoing.  (Hodor Park)

    Jule McGee noted that we need to investigate more parking area at Point Park.  He also stated that Dusty Trail would start a new project tearing down the old pump house at Hodor Park.  A new project to be considered is to move the entrance to Hodor closer to the clubhouse.  This would be a safer drop-off area for our members and guests.  Jule also stated that greeters may need to let floaters know that the float time is now about 2 ½ hours due to flooding.

    Park Management SC:  John Bryant stated that the water is almost over the road going to Brennan Park.

    Joan Nano suggested that Terry Downs sit at Point Park to see what the job entails.  Terry Downs needs volunteer gate greeters for the SC side for Labor Day weekend.  The decision for security at the SC Boat-ramp Park was tabled until closer to Labor Day weekend due to flooding.

    Newsletter Report:  September Newsletter articles need to go to Karen Faunce by 8/20/18.  The newsletter will go to the printer 8/23/18.  The mail date is 8/29/18.  The newsletter should be received by 9/7/18.  Absentee ballots should be received by 10/10/18 for the picnic on 10/13/18.  Karen Faunce suggested articles for the newsletter should contain:  picnic menu; bios of candidates running for positions; the state of TREPO by the chairman; letter from the President concerning picnic info, motor boats on the Ichetucknee; letter from park managers concerning what’s been done, what needs to be done, flood info, camera info; letter from the gate greeter chairman concerning the good and bad of being a gate greeter, numbers on peak days; letter from the pavilion chairman concerning the good and bad of the job, usage up or down, behavior, clean-up; letter from Laura Dailey concerning environmental issues.

    Karen Faunce suggested that a meeting be conducted at the picnic that allowed members to ask and have questions answered.

    Karen Faunce reported that some people advertising in our newsletter do not always pay.

    Old Business:  Joan Nano received an e-mail from our lawyer, Patrick Douglas, approving our “general rules” therefore we could have signs printed for our parks.  Jule McGee said he would take care of the signs if given the list of rules.

    A decision on the purchase of security cameras was tabled until a comparison could be made between the two bids gotten.  (Charlee Thompson/Vicki Imm)

    Joan Nano stated she would hire a deputy for the CC parks for all three days during the Labor Day weekend.

    Insurance on the A-frame has been purchased.  (Evelyn Johnson/Vicki Imm)

    A certified letter has been sent concerning the house on Montana to Mr. Sylvester.  No response has been received yet.

    ******A motion was made and approved by 7 out of 10 Board members to refrain from raising dues to $150 for the year 2019.

    New Business:  Concern for boats on the Ichetucknee River and boats mooring at our parks was discussed.  For safety and environmental reasons it was suggested that our members be encouraged to write to our state representatives and county commissioners.  Jessie Crane suggested that we find out about the turtle he heard about which only lives in the Ichetucknee River.

    Open Forum:  A member asked why had all the minutes not been posted to the website.  Linda Hizer stated that since she had started the secretarial position, all meeting minutes had in fact been posted to the website and that she had checked each time to ensure that it had been posted.  She also stated posting of meeting minutes does not take place until the minutes have been approved by the Board.

    The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:15 p.m.         Linda Hizer