• 20181204 Meeting Minutes

  • TREPO Board Meeting Minutes December 4, 2018 (corrected and approved Jan. 8, 2018)
    Board Members Present:  Joan Nano, Marcus Morgan, John Bryant, Laura Dailey, Glenn Hunter, Sammy Keen, Jule McGee, Phylis Rea, Charlie Thompson
    Board Members Absent:  Tom Tramel (excused), Mike Wilson (excused)
    Officers Present:  Victoria Imm, Millie McGee, Evelyn Johnson, Linda Hizer
    Alternates Present:  Karen Mullins, Sassy Johnson, Charlie Arnett
    Guests Present:  Larry Clifford, Karen Faunce, John Good (SRWMD) , Louis Mantini (SRWMD)
    Suzanne Melton, Terry Downs
    Joan Nano called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Joan led the Pledge of Allegiance, then John Bryant said a prayer.  Joan Nano asked Charlie Arnett and Sassy Johnson to fill the empty seats on the Board.
    Linda Hizer called the roll and passed out the minutes for the November meeting.  The Board approved the minutes.
    Evelyn Johnson reviewed the treasury report and the Board approved the report.  (The TREPO computer crashed.  The computer has been repaired but the data could not be retrieved.  Evelyn has hard copies for the records.  She hopes to have everything up and running by January.)
    The membership report was withheld until January.
    Park Management CC:  Hodor Park bathrooms were stopped up again but are now functional.  Jule reported that finally we received some rock/dirt (which has been distributed) but not as much as is needed.  John Bryant will order 6 small grill plates which will be reinforced before placing in our parks.
    (on-going:  investigation of more parking area at Point Park/moving entrance of Hodor Park/creating entrance for tubers at Hodor Park and exit at Point Park)
    Park Management SC:  Some placement of rock/dirt has been achieved but we have not been able to get orders for enough materials filled.  Wifi is available at the SC boat ramp.
    Newsletter Report:  Karen Faunce announced that TREPO would need to find another person to create a newsletter for 2019.  The end-of-year newsletter (2018) would be her last.  She requested that articles are due to her by Dec. 9.  She would have the newsletter at the printer by Dec. 17 and in the mail by Dec. 21.  Members should start receiving newsletters by
    Dec. 27.
    Old Business:  Victoria Imm shared that she had recently talked to our lawyer (Patrick Douglas) about sending a second letter to Mr. Richard C. Athans, Jr. regarding the firing of guns on the SC side.
    New Business:  New locks should replace old locks at our parks in January.  On January 12th, new keys may be picked up at Hodor Park.
    *****A motion was made and passed to move the January meeting to the 8th instead of the 1st.
    Open Forum:
    John Good and Louis Mantini from SRWMD asked to place 2 elevation bench marks for vertical control at Hodor Park and Bridge Park.  *****The Board passed a motion to allow SRWMD to place bench marks at Hodor Park and Bridge Park.
    It was suggested that we build/make an easier way to get out of Point Park, a priority and to complete it by next spring.
    Another suggestion was to put lights at each park and to use a “gate wheel” with the heavier gates.
    Joan Nano adjourned the meeting at 8:06 p.m.
    Linda Hizer