• 20190910 Meeting Minutes

  • September 10, 2019 TREPO Board Meeting Minutes (approved October 1, 2019)
    (Board meeting was delayed one week due to Hurricane Dorian.)
    Board Members Present: John Bryant, Charlie Arnett, Joan Nano, Laura Dailey, Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter, Sammy Keen, Phyl Rea
    Board Members Absent: Charlee Thompson (excused), Mike Wilson (excused)
    Officers Present: Wally Germany, Millie McGee, Evelyn Johnson
    Alternates Present: Karen Mullins, Linda Hizer
    Alternates Absent: Sassy Johnson (excused)
    Guests: Terry Downs, Karen Martin-Brown, Charles Amick, Pat Burke
    John Bryant called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m. John Bryant led with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Linda Hizer called roll and reviewed the August minutes. The August minutes were approved. Evelyn Johnson reviewed the treasury report. The treasury report was approved with a balance of $32,628.42 in the TD money market account and $36,687.80 in the TD checking account.
    Membership Report: No new data since last meeting…Evelyn Johnson reported 2 new applications not yet processed.
    Park Management CC: Labor Day weekend was a bit slow probably due to Hurricane Dorian. It marked the last weekend of scheduled gate greeters. The CC Boat-ramp park needs more fill dirt. Creating an exit at Point Park is still in process as well as the fence work planned for Point Park and Boat-ramp Park. Moving the maintenance gate back at Point Park to provide more parking space is planned. The dead trees at Point Park will need to be removed. Mike McCray will be consulted to remove the dead trees as well as provide fill dirt for the area. A possible entrance to the Santa Fe River is under consideration at Point Park. The lock at Point Park recently had to be repaired. A separate entrance for kayaks at Hodor Park is still under consideration.
    Park Management SC: John Bryant praised the gate greeters for doing a good job this past summer. He praised Terry Downs for being the only gate greeter on the SC side. John Bryant will be talking to someone about water and an electric hook-up at the Boat-ramp Park pavilion.
    Newsletter Report: Wally Germany and Evelyn Johnson are working on the newsletter which will go out before the October picnic. There will be a notification to our members to review the new Restrictions and By-Laws (found on our website) which are to be voted on at the October picnic.
    Old Business: Charlie Arnett will perform the next water test for Mike Wilson.
    Tom Tramel clarified that he would be working on getting rocks for Fishing Park and John Bryant stated he would consult a lawyer about becoming a tree sanctuary as well as consulting Perry Pendergrass.
    Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter, and Wally Germany will work with the county concerning the build up of the road in front of Fishing Park. They will also work on the purchase of big rocks and someone to transport and place them. Providing a gate for member entrance was suggested for Fishing Park.
    *****The Board voted to prioritize the following projects: #1. To work on an exit for tubers at Point Park. #2. To work on putting huge rocks at Fishing Park, not to exceed $5,000. #3. To work on the fence at Point Park. #4. To work on providing water and electric at the SC pavilion at Boat Ramp Park and fencing. #5. To work on the fence at CC Boat Ramp Park.
    John Bryant received lawyer approval of our Policies and Procedures . *****The Board voted to accept our most recent draft of TREPO’s Policies and Procedures.
    Sammy Keen has attended one realtor’s meeting concerning companies falsely advertising joining TREPO as optional. He has plans to attend another.
    New Business: The October 12th picnic plans were gone over by John Bryant. TREPO Restrictions and By-Laws are to be voted on at the picnic by our members. The policies will be on our webpage for member review.
    Open Forum: Karen Martin Brown complained about the difficulty in trying to contact someone concerning the reservation of our Hodor Park pavilions. John Bryant suggested she get with Linda Hizer after the meeting.
    Adjournment: John Bryant adjourned the meeting at approximately 8:17 p.m.
    Linda Hizer