• 20191203 Meeting Minutes

  • December 3, 2019 TREPO Board Meeting (approved January 7, 2019)
    Board Members Present: Charlie Arnett, Joan Nano, Laura Dailey, Tom Tramel, Sammy Keen, June McGee, Charlee Thompson
    Board Members Absent: John Bryant (excused), Glenn Hunter (excused), Phyl Rea (excused), Mike Wilson (excused)
    Officers Present: Wally Germany, Millie McGee
    Officers Absent: Evelyn Johnson (excused)
    Alternates Present: Karen Mullins, Sassy Johnson, Linda Hizer (taking minutes)
    Guests: Terri Hester, Terry Downs, Darcy and Mike Cartwright, Jackie and Derek Moore, Tommy and Shirley Matthews, Kristen Moriarty, Brent Williams (Drummond Community Bank), Laura Hunter, Charles Amick, Skip Clemons, Brandy Meeks (Drummond Bank), Brittany Kitchings (Drummond Bank), Bruce Park, Recie Davis, Joanna Kepler, Bill and Lynn Martin, Pat Burke, Samuel Eakins, Rita Eaglen
    Charlie Arnett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Charlie introduced himself as the Co-Chairman and informed the audience that he would replace John Bryant for the meeting. Charlie asked Tom Tramel to lead with prayer and then the Pledge of Allegiance. Linda Hizer called the roll after which Charlie Arnett called on Sassy Johnson and Karen Mullins to fill empty Board seats. Linda Hizer stated the minutes (and agenda) were e-mailed earlier and also presented to the Board members on paper to be read and evaluated for additions, deletions, and corrections. The minutes were passed with no objections. Evelyn Johnson, who was not present, had e-mailed the treasury report earlier to all Board members, officers, and alternates. The treasury report was approved with no objections. (TD Money Market account: $32,659.34 and TD Checking account: $45,863.38)

    Membership Report:
    Charlie reported a total of 767 TREPO members for the 2019 year; 579 CC/188 SC, 8 behind last year, possibly due to the fact that there were problems with the latest invoices being mailed; 86 new members were recorded, 54 CC and 32 SC. New keys for 2020 have been ordered. 2020 invoices have gone to the printer and should be mailed out soon. Jule McGee will hand over the key making process to John Bryant. Some keys should be ready to pass out at the Clubhouse the second week of January 2020.
    Park Management CC:
    (1.) Creating an exit at Point Park for tubers/swimmers: John Bryant purchased a metal ramp which has been placed temporarily at Point Park by Derek Moore, Jackie Moore and Jessie Crane. Pictures were shared to show the placement. ****A motion was made and passed to approve the ramp placement. This was a unanimous vote. Jackie Moore has paid a permit fee and is waiting to see if final approval from SRWM is needed before installation. She also stated that if the ramp was not useful it could be removed. Derek and Jackie Moore suggested placement of “stepping stones” on the walking path and will provide a quote for the cost. Jackie Moore also asked if the Board was interested in further work on the entrance/exit area to the water to prevent further erosion/destruction. She stated this would involve more engineering, more SRWM permits which means it would be more costly. Mike Cartwright stated he could provide pictures from other places which had similar work done, including concrete steps, for the Board to explore. It was decided by members of the Board that we work on the metal ramp and come back to the Board for further future proposals.
    Items #2-5 are on hold until completion of #1 and are prioritized by numbers:
    (2.) Placement of rocks at Fishing Park/buildup of road in front of Fishing Park: Tom Tramel made a motion to place limerock in the holes at Fishing Park. Jackie Moore stated that SRWM did not approve that action when she met with them. Such materials could not be added to the land within 75 feet of the river. It was suggested we request that the county repair the road by Fishing Park and build a barricade to prevent further erosion.
    (3.) Fence at Point Park: Mike Cartwright provided some diagrams of fencing and alterations to Point Park to be considered. These were passed out to the Board members, officers, and alternates. Mike was asked to bring an estimate of the cost for both plans to the January meeting in hopes the job could be completed by Memorial Day.
    (5.) CC Boat Ramp Park fence: Permission has been granted by Clay electric to close off the area that people have been using to travel under the power lines and enter into our Boat Ramp Park.
    Park Manangement SC:
    (4.) SC Boat Ramp Park Pavilion water/electric/fences: The water and fencing are complete. Electrical work is in progress.
    Repair picnic/play area is in progress.
    Newsletter Report:
    Wally Germany thanked people for their contributions for the end/beginning of year newsletter.
    Old Business:
    Investigate realtors advertising TREPO membership optional/vacation rentals/Sammy Keen:
    It was proposed that vacation rental advertisements be taken down. The possibility of us following our rules and requesting owners accompany their guests to the parks was again proffered. It was also suggested that all rentals supply TREPO with names of renters and the number of their guests. Members also reminded all of us that our By-Laws did not allow businesses in Three Rivers, so why was this tolerated? Members questioned the zoning laws for our area and what did the county enforce? “Were these vacation rentals registered with the county?” was also asked.
    Tom Tramel suggested that we look into hiring an attorney to attend each meeting to advise us as to what we can and cannot do legally as a Board. Tom Tramel was asked to get quotes from 3 attorneys.
    New Business:
    ****A motion was made and passed unanimously to accept the 2020 budget presented by Evelyn Johnson via e-mail with the possibility of revisions as needed.
    Open Forum:
    Brent Williams from Drummond Community Bank was introduced along with his co-workers Brandy and Brittany. They offered to partner with us in events and advertise in our Newsletters. Brittany and Brandy passed out gifts to our Board members, officers, and alternates.
    Skip Clemons suggested a tiered structure to our yearly fees according to whether people used our parks or not and which parks they used. A member stated that this would be difficult to implement and enforce due to the need to monitor all parks. Skip Clemons also was interested in vacation rentals being eliminated in Three Rivers.
    Lien placement on property owners was suggested for people who did not pay their dues. “Did we really want or need all land owners to be key holders?” was asked. A small monetary fee for all land owners and a higher fee for use of amenities was offered as a solution for member’s yearly fees.
    Another member asked, “Why had TREPO lost 70 previous members?” She was told due to various reasons; deaths, sale of property, loss of wages, cost of living, etc.
    Charlie Arnett adjourned the meeting at 8:16 p.m.
    Linda Hizer