• 20200107

  • January 7, 2020 TREPO Board Meeting (approved February 4, 2020)
    Board Members Present: John Bryant, Charlie Arnett, Joan Nano, Laura Dailey, Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter (came in late), Sammy Keen, Jule McGee, Charlie Thompson, Mike Wilson
    Board Members Absent: Phyl Rea (excused)
    Officers Present: Millie McGee, Evelyn Johnson
    Officers Absent: Wally Germany (excused)
    Alternates Present: Karen Mullins, Sassy Johnson, Linda Hizer
    Guests: Patricia Burke, Terry Downs, Lynn Martin, Charles Amick, Mary Terry, Derek and Jackie Moore, Debbie McClelland, Mary Pergande, Shirley and Tommy Matthews, Jesse Crane, Terri Hester, Karen Wheary, Rita and Ken Eagleton, Hilda Gilchrist, Mike and Darcy Cartwright
    John Bryant called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Mike Wilson led with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Linda Hizer called roll. (Karen Mullins and Sassy Johnson filled empty spots on the Board). December 2019 minutes were passed out as well as the January 2020 agenda. The secretary report was approved unanimously. Evelyn Johnson presented the treasury report which was approved unanimously. (TD Money Market Account as of 12/31/19 $32,669.88/TD Checking Account as of 12/31/19 $34,807.97) Evelyn stated that some of the money in the checking account may be appropriated to funding 2019 unfinished projects that are underway.
    Membership Report: Total for 2019 – 767
    Park Management CC: John Bryant thanked Jackie and Derek Moore, Jesse Crane, and Mike Cartwright for the successful placement of the (1) ramp at Point Park. A diagram of signs to be made and placed at Point Park were shared. Jackie Moore stated that Bruce Wilson has donated a buoy for the swim area and that a new path to the gate has been established.
    (2) Placement of rocks at Fishing Park/buildup of road in front of Fishing Park/gate: It was stated that the county may possibly help with the placement of guard rails along the edge of the road by Fishing Park. In order for the rail to be placed, the center of the road has to be found through a survey. *****A motion was made and passed unanimously to have a survey done to the road by Fishing Park to find the center, not to exceed $1,000.00. Pictures of the mud puddles were shared with the Board. It was suggested to move area dirt around to cover the mud holes in the area.
    (3) Fence at Point Park: Mike Cartwright shared his diagrams and estimates of $2,043.27 for materials and $2,000 for labor ($4,043.27 total) to complete the project. *****A motion was made and passed unanimously to accept the bid ($4,043.27) and have Mike Cartwright carry through with his proposal for the fence at Point Park. Mike Cartwright stated that he knows a man that would take out the dead trees in the park for free advertisement in our newsletters. Members on the Board stated to make sure the man was bonded and insured. People who would like to volunteer to help were asked to see Mike after the meeting.
    (5) CC Boat Ramp Park fence (Clay Electric/closing off power line entrance): *****A motion was made and approved unanimously to put in a wider gate at Boat Ramp Park.
    Park Management SC: (4) SC Boat Ramp Park pavilion water/electric/fences: in progress John Bryant asked members to come and look at the refurbished children’s play area in the park.
    Old Business: Committee to investigate realtors advertising TREPO membership optional/vacation rentals/Sammy Keen
    Joan Nano suggested that we send a copy of our Restrictions/Covenants to all land owners in Three Rivers Estates as well as realtors in the area. She also stated the need to put the proper Restrictions/Covenants on the website. (The proposed ones which were voted down were removed from the website. The current ones in effect were never posted on the website.)
    John Bryant told Tom to proceed with consulting a lawyer about enforcing our By-Laws, Restrictions/Covenants, also Procedures and Policies.
    New Business: Book Audit – Evelyn Johnson is working on employing someone to audit our records.
    Open Forum: Terri Hester asked if we were providing gate-greeters for the summer season and if the gate-greeters would be paid. John Bryant stated that TREPO would be hiring gate greeters for the 2020 summer.
    Linda Hizer inquired about her investigation (November 2019 meeting motion). Tom Tramel stated that the investigation was handed over to our president, Wally Germany.
    A member noted swing ropes and tree steps at Fishing Park and the danger they present. Jessie Crane offered to remove the ropes and steps.
    Members complained about speeding on Utah and Newark and the need for several speed limit signs. They were told to call the county commissioner and make complaints to the sheriff’s department.
    Mary Pergande complained about the cut-thru from Utah Street to Highway 27 causing traffic problems and inquired who she could contact for a resolution. Joan Nano stated that she believed the land belonged to the power company (Duke Energy). Also, our county commissioner and sheriff’s department could be contacted.
    John Bryant adjourned the meeting at 8:12 p.m.
    Linda Hizer