• 20200204 Meeting Minutes

  • February 4, 2020 TREPO Board Meeting (approved March 3, 2020)
    Board Members Present: John Bryant, Charlie Arnett, Joan Nano, Laura Dailey, Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter, Sammy Keen, Jule McGee, Phyl Rea, Mike Wilson
    Board Members Absent: Charlie Thompson (excused)
    Officers Present: Wally Germany, Evelyn Johnson
    Officers Absent: Millie McGee, excused
    Alternates Present: Karen Mullins, Sassy Johnson, Linda Hizer
    Guests: Terri Hester, Tommy and Shirley Matthews, Charles Amick, Gerald Murphy, Debbie McClelland, Wayne and Theresa Wiseman, Mike and Haley Cartwright, Mary Pergande, Kenneth Clyatt, Jesse Crane, Regina Severance, Brent McDaniel, Laura Hunter
    The meeting was called to order by John Bryant at 7:00 p.m. John Bryant led the Pledge of Allegiance and Mike Wilson followed with a word of prayer. John Bryant honored Jule McGee with a plaque of appreciation and thank you speech for his service to TREPO. John also sent a plaque home with Jule McGee for his wife, Millie McGee, who was not in attendance due to illness. (Alternates were available to fill the empty position on the Board.) Linda Hizer followed with the roll call, acknowledged sending by e-mail as well as presenting hard copies of the January minutes and February agendas. An addition to the February agenda for the Newsletter and April picnic was noted. The January minutes were approved by the Board. Evelyn Johnson reviewed the treasury report with the Board. The treasury report was approved with a TD Money Market account of $32,680.40 and a TD checking account balance of $59,538.00.
    Membership Report: Charlie Arnett reported (for Mike Foret, membership secretary) a current total of 556 paid members, CC 421/SC 135, 35 behind 2019 and 1 ahead of 2018. Reflected in that total number are 38 new members, 26 from CC and 12 from SC. Approximately 30 additional invoices still need to be processed. *****The Board approved a motion to send out a second invoice for membership applications with 1 opposing vote from Joan Nano. Joan Nano’s concern was the that she had received a number of phone calls from people who had received an application that no longer resided or never had resided in Three Rivers. Joan felt that a more recent record of Three Rivers land owners was needed.
    Park Management CC: John Bryant shared a blueprint of new signs to be placed in our parks. Jesse Crane suggested the need for no trespassing signs which would face the river in Fishing, Camping, and Mid-Point Parks.
    (2) Fishing Park: Buildup of the road in front of Fishing Park, gate placement, survey of the middle of the road, and possible guard placement is still in progress. Joan Nano suggested using metal detectors to seek out the county markers.
    (3) Fence at Point Park: John Bryant praised Mike Cartwright, Jesse Crane and all the people who have been working on Point Park. Saturday, February 1st, a group of adults and children from Three Rivers cleaned up the area and burned trash. John Bryant thanked all people who were involved. A larger parking area and turn around area was noted. Mike Cartwright suggested getting with our county commissioner to discuss creating a tow-away zone/signs.
    (5) CC Boat Ramp Park: fence/Clay electric/closing off power line fence/wider gate placement Trees have been cut in the park and the gate is being replaced with a 19 footer. Tree logs have been placed on the fence line next to the electric company right of way to prevent vehicles from entering the park.
    Jesse Crane recalled a past event at Mid-Point Park when an emergency rescue vehicle had difficulty entering and exiting the area. He reported the need to take down trees to create a safer entrance/exit scenario. John Bryant asked Jesse to look into this situation and to report back to the Board. Jesse said that he would take care of it.
    Park Management SC: John Bryant reported a lock broken at the weld which needed re-welding.
    (4) SC Boat Ramp Park: pavilion water/electric/fences Work is still in the process of being completed. A trench for the electric wire is needed.
    Newsletter: Wally Germany asked for articles to be turned in to him by mid March. Mike Cartwright noted that he would talk to Lafayette Bank about financing one of our newsletters.
    Joan Nano suggested that the Restrictions/Protective Covenants be sent with the newsletter. She presented an oral presentation of the history of our Restrictions/Protective Covenants as recorded in the CC courthouse. She reported the latest revision in 1990 was sent out to all property owners.
    Linda Hizer offered that there are many people that do not know of the requirement to join TREPO by paying dues. Linda also added that people are unaware that a 3 year dues charge plus late fees are paid to TREPO when property is sold if the lot owner neglects to pay dues for the last three years of ownership.
    Wally Germany remarked, “Why don’t we send the By-Laws, too?” Evelyn Johnson offered that the cost of doing this would mean increasing dues. Joan Nano stated that we should have a surplus of money from 2019.At this point, John Bryant requested to continue with other meeting matters.
    Old Business: Realtors advertising TREPO membership optional/vacation rentals Haley Cartwright offered to write a letter designed to send to rental owners asking them for donations to help take care of our parks. Joan Nano suggested enforcing our By-Laws regarding the landowner accompanying guests to the parks.
    Hiring an attorney/Tom Tramel: ****A motion was made and passed to invite Rachel Butler (lawyer) to our next meeting for members to question concerning By-Laws, Restrictions/Protective Covenants, and Policies and Procedures. Joan Nano opposed the vote stating that these had already been approved by Travis Koon, Patrick Douglas, and the lawyer John Bryant used.
    (An open forum evolved without coverage of new business and the April member’s picnic.)
    The audience began commenting about receiving or not receiving copies of restrictions and covenants. It was noted that not all people had internet access, thus presentation of documents on the website or e-mailing documents would not reach all people. Regina Severance shared that she was here 2 years before being aware of the parks, dues, by-laws, restrictions and covenants. Regina Severance asked why TREPO had not notified her when she bought land here about these documents. A Board member stated that the positions on the Board are voluntary and it is not the Board’s responsibility to inform people of such, the responsibility lies with the land purchaser. A heated discussion followed.
    A guest stated he did not want to see people forced to pay dues or liens being placed on property. Linda Hizer stated that actions were already being taken toward members who did not join TREPO if they sold their property. A heated discussion followed.
    Several TREPO members in the audience and Board members walked out of the meeting. Regina Severance stated that she would run for the Board next election as she walked out. Jesse Crane added since the meeting had not been adjourned Board members should remain until the end of the meeting.
    Mary Pergande praised the Board for accomplishing many things during their tenure. She shared ideas concerning the need for informed members (concerning our rules and regulations) and the need for realtors to properly inform people when selling property in Three Rivers. She inquired about the possibility of researching county records for recent land purchases in our area so we could make sure our new land owners received the needed information.
    John Bryant appointed a committee of 4 people (Wally Germany, Glenn Hunter, Sammy Keen, and Tom Tramel) to research and review a request by Gregory Iceberg for a meeting with the Board.
    John Bryant adjourned the meeting at 8:12 p.m.