• 20200901 Board Meeting Munites

  • September 1, 2020 TREPO Board Meeting (approved October 6, 2020)
    Board Members Present:  John Bryant, Charlie Arnett, Joan Nano, Linda Hizer, Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter, Sammy Keen, Charlee Thompson
    Board Members Absent:  Sassy Johnson, Phyl Rea, Mike Wilson (all excused)
    Officers Present:  Evelyn Johnson
    (No President, Vice President, Secretary)
    Alternates Absent:  Karen Mullins (excused)
    Guest:  Charles Amick, Gerry Murphy, Eric Sweetapple, Terri Hester, Skip Clemons, Lesha Prater, Jackie and Derek Moore, Vonda Ackerson, Mary Terry, Carl and Connie Johnson, Jessie Crane, Sharon Taylor, Debbie McCleland, Laura Hunter, Regina Severance, Matt McClellan, Steve and Teresa Allison, Mary Pergande, Hank Lowrey
    John Bryant called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  John led the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer.  Linda Hizer called roll and asked the Board if they needed to review the August Meeting Minutes which she had sent by e-mail but had hard copies for review if needed.  The Board passed the August meeting minutes with no corrections.
    Evelyn Johnson e-mailed the Profit and Loss Statement and  promised to send the Reconciliation Statement the next day.  The Board passed the Treasury Report “as is”.  (Money Market Balance TD Bank $32,718.14 /TD Banking Account balance $68,817.57)
    Evelyn Johnson briefly reviewed the audit stating that 1099’s would need to be given to people who were contracted out, keys needed to be signed for, two bids for jobs are needed, and there was no theft or misappropriations of funds found.  Board members have been given the audit results and TREPO members can contact them if they want to review the details.
    Joan Nano stated that members had asked about the A-Frame, what it cost to move and remodel it and the renovations to the bathrooms.  She asked if we could please have those financial reports.
    Evelyn Johnson stated that she had received the letter from the members’ lawyer and the records would be made available at a specified time and date.
    Linda Hizer stated that she had never accused Board members of stealing funds but couldn’t be held responsible for what people said on the internet.  She also stated that she objected to the fact that information made available to certain members of the Board was not made available to all members of the Board.
    Membership Report:  Charlie Arnett reported 1 new member (SC) since last month’s count of 820 with 4 in the works.
    He also stated that he had no knowledge of TREPO being registered as an HOA.  He added that at one time he received the estoppel statements which were useless to him because at that time TREPO was not holding members responsible for paying past dues when land was sold.  He offered to answer any questions people had concerning the matter.
    Jesse Crane stated that Charlie Arnett’s name was listed on the internet HOA advertisement found on the internet.
    Joan Nano added that it was arranged for Mike Foret to receive the estoppel statements during that period of time.  She stated that she had recently seen the document from the internet saying that we are an HOA which is not a true statement because we are not an HOA but a POI, Property Owner Incorporated.
    Park Management CC:  John Bryant stated that Mid-Point Park needed more rock.  Mike Cartwright is looking into a dock enlargement.  A new grill will be placed here.
    John Bryant applauded all of our gate greeters for the wonderful job being done.
    Park Management SC:  Work on electric and water to the pavilion is still in progress.  The small pavilion at Brennan park will have to be moved further from the water.
    No definite schedule for Brennan Park Clean-up.
    Suwannee County has a new County Commissioner (Franklin White) so Regina Severence said they would have to talk to him about the “No Wake” petition.  Rocky Ford (CC) is still working on the “No Wake” signs for our boat ramps.
    Newsletter Report:  All information needs to be sent to Karen Faunce no later than September 7, 2020.  Everything pertaining to voting will be in the Newsletter.
    Old Business:
    No one knew when the mailing of Restrictions and Protective Covenants will take place.
    October 10th picnic has been canceled due to Covid-19.
    The contingency plan for voting will be in the Newsletter.  Ballots can be mailed in but must be received by October 5, 2020.
    Ballots may be hand delivered to the Hodor Park Clubhouse on October 10, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. There will be 2 nonmembers there to count the ballots.  If a member does not receive a newsletter, ballots can be found at the clubhouse.
    Joan Nano stated that there is a problem when more that one name is on a piece of property (or there has been a change of address).  Only one address receives the Newsletter.   People have to let TREPO know if they do not get a newsletter.
    New Business:  Linda Hizer asked if all property owners would be allowed to vote in the upcoming election (per Chapter 720).  John Bryant stated that only paid members could vote.  Linda asked could they show her in the documents where it states such.  There was no response.  Linda Hizer responded that we were never given the chance to ask our lawyer.
    Open Forum:
    Debbie McClelland offered that the audit done was a procedural audit which only covered the span of one year.
    Mary Pergande stated that she did an internal audit as opposed to an independent audit.  The independent audit covers a much larger scope that covers everything about a business from the “top to the basement”.
    Skip Clemons stated we have to have a corporate meeting and suggested we may want to designate a time on the 10th for that.
    Joan Nano stated that our By-Laws state the corporate meeting is to be the second Saturday in October.
    Skip Clemons went on to say, if you want to follow one rule in the By-Laws, then follow all the rules or change the ones you do not want.
    Jesse Crane complained that the members had never been given an official statement from the lawyer who was paid with their money.  Evelyn Johnson said she would look into it.
    Jesse added that he, Michael Cartwright, and Joan Nano were going to pay for a membership picnic on October 10th at Hodor Park.
    Jesse Crane asked who to thank for putting the gate in at Fishing Park?  No one could answer.
    Jesse Crane asked for the bank statements for the last seven years.
    Joan Nano requested that all lot owners have an input into our rule making not just a few people on the Board.  Skip Clemons stated “Your annual meeting addresses that.  If you have a quorum, you can act on business.”
    “The problem is we have never had a president to do this” replied Joan Nano.
    Linda Hizer reiterated all property owners should be allowed to vote and said that this was a question for the lawyer.
    Joan Nano, “It is in our Restrictions and Protective Covenants that we are a Property Owners Incorporated.  Anyone who buys a piece of property is a member.  A member that uses the parks has to be a paid member.”
    There was an argument among the people present.  It was stated that you had to be a paid member to vote.
    Skip Clemons suggested a members’ meeting with the lawyer but said you have to follow the lawyer’s advice.  He also said the President is supposed to represent the people.
    Greg Lowry stated that he had property here since the 50’s and that no key had been necessary when he first lived here.  Therefore, he felt that he should not have to pay for a key now.
    Mary Terry stated the need to have gate greeters stationed on Labor Day.  (Gate greeters had been notified to not work on Labor Day.) The consensus was to support her idea. She also said that they needed updated gate greeter lists.
    Linda Hizer expressed concern that the mailing of the Restriction and Protective Covenants should have a cover letter explaining why it was being mailed.
    A member from the audience suggested we focus on solutions, accountability, and providing answers to questions.
    Another gentleman reminded us to vote for someone we thought would represent us.
    Skip Clemons suggested a quarterly financial report and a chain of command.
    Joan Nano and Jesse Crane talked about a certified letter that was sent to TREPO that got not response.
    A lady from the audience suggested that the members be able to ask their questions of the board in a uniform way.
    Laura Hunter suggested we hire a property manager and not pay people on the Board for jobs around TREPO.
    Adjournment:  John Bryant adjourned the meeting at 8:22 p.m.
    Linda Hizer