• 20201103 Meeting Minutes

  • November 3, 2020 TREPO Board Meeting (tentative)
    Board Members Present:  John Bryant, Charlie Arnett, Joan Nano, Linda Hizer, Tom Tramel, Glenn Hunter, Sammy Keen, Sassy Johnson, Phyl Rhea, Charlee Thompson, Mike Wilson, Vonda Ackerson (October election 2020), Tommy Matthews (October election 2020)
    Officers Present:  Terri Hester, President (October election 2020)
    Randy Newton, Vice President (October election 2020)
    Evelyn Johnson, Treasurer
    Officers Absent:  
    Bethany Pierce, Secretary (excused October election 2020)
    Alternates Present:  Rick Palm (October election 2020), Lisa Kirby (October election 2020)
    Alternates Absent:  Mary Brailier (excused October election 2020)
    Guests:  Deborah McClelland, Hank Lowrey, Skip Clemons, Pam Thomas, Eric Sweetapple, Jacqueline and Carl Johansen, Jesse Crane, Clay Cassels, Vicki Imm, Love Fout, Charles Ammick, Gerry Murphy, Shirley Matthews, Sandy Tan, Teresa Allison, Steve Allison, Gene and Crystal Lyons, Lee Shaver Chandler, Laura Hunter, Recie Davis and Mike Davis, Daniel Prince Sr., Daniel Prince Jr., Denise O’Connor, Regina Severence, Joe Foley, Mary Terry, John Harden
    Notation from Bethany Pierce:  “An email was sent to board members on 10/20/20 requesting agenda items to be turned in to the secretary no later that 10/24/20 in order to prepare for this meeting.  Not one board member or officer replied to the email with agenda items.  Therefore, I (Bethany Pierce-Secretary) made the agenda based on member concerns that have been brought to my attention.”
    1.  At 7:00 p.m. John Bryant called the meeting to order.  Linda Hizer said the opening prayer and John Bryant led the Pledge of Allegiance.
    2.  Linda Hizer, filling in for Bethany Pierce, called roll.  Linda Hizer asked if everyone had received the minutes sent by e-mail a week ago and offered hard copies if needed, none were required.  The October minutes were approved with no corrections.
    John Bryant asked the Board if there was a motion for a new Chairman? Joan Nano asked if Charlie Arnett, Vice Chairman could fill the position until January 2021?  Charlie Arnett declined the request.  ****Tom Tramel made a motion for Glenn Hunter to become the new Chairman of the Board. The motion was seconded and approved by the Board with two oppositions from Joan Nano and Linda Hizer.   Glenn Hunter thanked everyone for coming out and proceeded to take charge of the Board of Director’s meeting.  He stated that we would now follow Robert’s Rules of Order…..Officers do not vote at the meetings.  The President and Vice President are responsible for correspondence with our members and are in charge of  2 official member meetings each year (April and October).  People are to address the chair to speak.   Glen stated he would like to work on getting the community back together, work on maintaining our 11 parks and making them better.  He added that our (TREPO Board) primary purpose  as a Home Owner’s Association is to manage the parks, the money, make sure we are protected liability-wise, and keep our parks safe.
    (6) Glenn Hunter welcomed the new members of the Board:  Terri Hester, President; Randy Newton, Vice President; Bethany Pierce, our new Secretary (who was absent due to her mother’s illness); Evelyn Johnson, Treasurer; Vonda Ackerson, (Board member);  Tommy Matthews,( Board member); and Charlie Arnett, (Board member).  The rest of the members will stay in the position that they are in.  That will be the new board.  We have alternates, Rick Palm, Mary Brallier, Lisa Kirby (Sassy Johnson).  We will be looking at some of the issues in SC and CC.  The next course of business will be to put together a budget (by January 1), work on security at our gates, work on the way we conduct business/book-keeping, work on an audit for our 2020 books, make bank statements available at board meetings, and work on membership.  It is the Chairman’s responsibility to put forth an agenda with the Secretary.  (Randy Newton questioned if anyone could contribute ideas to the agenda…….Glenn Hunter agreed that others could contribute.)  (Linda Hizer asked if she were no longer a board member.  Glenn Hunter stated that the new board comes on at the next meeting after the election so that they could work on projects for the new year. The new board has been installed tonight.)
    There were interruptions from the audience.  Glenn Hunter interjected that this is a board meeting to take care of TREPO business.  Items will be brought before the Board for discussion but we cannot have everyone standing up to make points of order.  If it gets out of hand, there will be 2 reminders, then a trespass order will be delivered.
    Glenn Hunter asked if we had a membership report?  Charlie Arnett reported approximately 825 members this year with maybe one in the works.
    5.  New Business:  Mike Wilson has turned over well testing (and keys) to Terri Hester.  After the failed water test per e-mail sent by Mike on 10/24/20 for Hodor Park, the well has been disinfected and retested with passing results.  Testing is every 3 months unless the water does not pass.
    3.  Evelyn Johnson reminded the Board the Treasury report had not been taken care of.  She reviewed the treasury documents sent by e-mail November 1, 2020.  Glenn Hunter asked if the report could be posted for our members.  The treasury report was approved by the Board.  (TD Money Market Account:  $32,726.42)  (TD Checking Account Balance:  $45,576.10)
    Joan Nano reported the TREPO lawyers had not sent an accurate letter to Suwannee County concerning the Restrictions and Protective Covenants.  Glenn Hunter asked Joan Nano to put this matter in writing.  *****Tom Tramel made a motion to submit the problem in writing to the lawyers regarding the inaccuracy of the Suwannee County Restrictions and Protective Covenants/exclusion of tract 2 lots. Joan Nano was appointed to do this.  Joan Nano stated that she would like a written response from the lawyers.  Glenn Hunter suggested to include this request in the letter.
    Terri Hester shared that she had flyers to hand to people letting them know how to get in touch with her by phone or e-mail and the hours that she could be reached.
    Linda Hizer stated that Terri Hester had something from our members to share with the Board.  Glenn Hunter reviewed that Terri had already discussed this with him and it would be discussed later in the meeting.  Glenn also stated the letter had not been placed on the agenda.
    8.  Glenn Hunter reviewed the agenda, “Secretary Assistant-Jesse Crane/Membership Invoices – Since the invoices have not been sent out by the former membership assistant, I would like to propose adding a 4 month payment plan for members to pay for their dues (Jan., Feb., March, and April).  The members will pay $25.00 per month for 4 months or $50.00 in 2 payments.  Due to the loss of jobs during 2020 Covid Pandemic, I think we owe it to our members to give them extra time without a late fee penalty to obtain their keys.  All payments due by April picnic.  Keys not received until final payment.  If member fails to complete payment plan by April, all funds paid are non-refundable.”   A discussion ensued.  *****A motion to table this item “4 month payment plan for members to pay for their dues (Jan., Feb., March, and April).  The members will pay $25.00 per month for 4 months or $50.00 in 2 payments” was made and seconded to be discussed at a later date.
    4.  Jessie Crane stated that Item #4 was skipped over:  Mike Foret – “…..set up a time to meet with Bethany and Jesse Crane (Secretary’s Assistant) to go over how he (Mike) performs his duties and to access computer and files for this position.”
    Glenn Hunter noted that Bethany Pierce and Jesse Crane may not realize the  difficulty of the membership secretary’s job.  Jessie stated that he had businesses of his own and managed them without filing bankruptcy.
    Glenn Hunter asked what was the pleasure of the Board?  Charlie Arnett noted that Mike Foret was not here for discussion.  Joan Nano read Mike Foret’s proposition to be retained as Membership Secretary.  Joan noted that Bethany Pierce had appointed Jesse Crane to help her as membership secretary who would do the job for free.  Glenn Hunter added that the secretary could not appoint a Membership Secretary, that the President only had that right.  Joan Nano stated it was in the Secretary’s job description that she appoint someone.  Glenn Hunter stated that this would be under review.  Objections were given by Jesse Crane and Debbie McClelland.  Glenn Hunter stated that he would give Debbie one more warning.  Glenn asked for support from the Board and added that we  (the Board) may have to take action and clear the room in the future.  There was an outburst from the audience.  ****Glenn Hunter tabled the #4 for the present.
    10.  Glenn Hunter suggested that we go to Tommy Matthews next and Fishing Park.  Tommy Matthews stated that there would by three areas to discuss:
    1. Signage  ($400 for large sign/$75 for small signs/Action Signs)
    2. Four-wheelers are getting through on the west end of the rails
    3. Cleaning up the interior of the park/mud holes
    Linda Hizer suggested that all Board members need a copy of the Policies and Procedures which need to be considered when making up signs for the parks.  Fishing Park is the only park which allows dogs (on a leash).  Hunter asked Hizer to provide copies of P&P’s to all board members.
    It was suggested that at least 2 quotes be gotten for signage at Fishing Park.  Tom Tramel reminded us that a motion had been made that no Board approval was necessary up to $5,000.
    *****A motion was made and passed ( with one abstention by Joan Nano due to lack of info) for Tommy Matthews to go forward with purchasing signs for Fishing Park providing the signs support  our P& P’s.  
    *****A motion was made and passed to form a committee to explore ways to prevent entrance of 4-wheelers on the west end of Fishing Park.  ( Tommy Matthews, Joan Nano, Sammy Keen, Terri Hester, Glenn Hunter)
    Glenn Hunter asked Terri Hester if she had a letter from membership that she wanted to present?  Terri Hester handed over the letter to Glenn Hunter.  Glenn Hunter read the letter to the Board .  Glenn Hunter asked the Board what their pleasure was?  *****A motion was made by Tom Tramel and seconded by Charlee Thompson to seek advice from the TREPO lawyer regarding invalidation of the October 10, 2020 election 
    and revote. 
    (Item 7 on the agenda was left out totally:)  Election results – The board alternates Linda Hizer and Sassy Johnson both are considered Group A, which is a 4 year term.  (Linda filled vacant seat of Laura Daily 3/2020 and was appointed to fill seat 7/2020.)  (Sassy Johnson was appointed to fill vacant board seat of Jule McGee.) They will continue to fill these seats until end of Laura’s and Jules’ term per the By-Laws and by precedent set when Charles Arnette was appointed to the board to fill Marcus Morgan’s seat to the end of Marcus’ original elected term.
    Glenn Hunter dismissed the meeting at 8:09 p.m.
    Linda Hizer
    Mike Foret’s Proposal for Membership Secretary:
    • $5/membership paid on a monthly basis
      • Easily audited by membership records and recording date of membership renewal
    • $50/mo flat fee for emails, estoppel requests, inquiries, membership reporting, etc…
      • I will answer all emails pertaining to membership, estoppel requests, general information, and anything I can answer without needing board approval or information.
      • Currently averages about 1-2 emails a day and about 1-2 estoppels a week.
    • I will be available for in-person membership in January and February, all others will be by mail
      • I will need help, no way I can do this alone with all the people who come to the park wanting keys.
    • No renewals after April 30th
      • I want to stop renewals throughout the entire year, I want board approval to notify the members in invoice, newsletter, website, and social media that memberships not completed by end of April 30th, will be returned.
        • I want to send invoices to entire property ownership as well as documented members
          • In October and again in November
        • New members excluded from above requirement as they can’t control when they purchase.
    • I will be travelling intermittently throughout the year, so when that happens I will deal with membership when I return
      • Until April 30th, I will commit to not being gone for more than 2 weeks at a time.


    My time is my most valuable commodity to me at this stage in my life, and for me to take that time from my family, requires compensation.  Compared to my normal compensation, what I’m asking for is peanuts.  I don’t blame the board if they prefer to give this to someone else, I understand.