• 20201208 Board Minutes

    December 8, 2020
    The regular monthly meeting for TREPO was called to order
    by Chairman Glenn Hunter, on December 8, 2020* at 7:05pm at the Pavilion in Hodor Park *The original meeting on December 1, 2020 was postponed due to extreme cold weather.
    All board members and officers were present except Phyllis Rhea (excused as sick) and Mike Wilson.
    Sign-in sheet attached.
    A quorum is present.
    Secretary Report- Bethany requested to establish assigned duties for website, Facebook page,
    Reservations, Calendar, and email responses. Glenn Hunter (Chairman) proposed to form a committee
    with himself, Bethany (Secretary), Charlee Thompson, Vonda, and Phyllis. Lisa Kirby offered to join
    committee as she has experience/degree in web design, etc… Glenn tabled this request to see what
    the committee needs were once the committee met. The chairman for this committee will be chosen
    at the first meeting. Motion made, seconded, and vote was to approve committee.
    Membership Report – Jesse reported that 2000 keys were purchased from Keaton and through the
    transition of supplies he is missing a lot- Evelyn (Treasurer) stated she just picked up the remainder
    from Keaton this past week and made arrangements to get them to Jesse. Jesse reported that each box
    has a quantity of 250; however each box has 5 extra keys in them.
    Minutes from November’s meeting – presented by Linda (filled in for Bethany) were read and
    2021 Budget Report – Evelyn presented the upcoming budget that was reviewed in the budget
    meeting the week before and a motion was made, seconded, and vote was to approve the 2021
    1. Request was made to review the following attorney invoices:
    4/18/20-Ck# 3190-$1820 10/23/20- Ck#- $3400.65
    7/10/20-Ck# 3242- $2419.20 8/8/20- Ck# 3256- $935.65
    Check’s # 3190 & 3291.
    2. Bethany asked if TREPO had a credit card, Evelyn answered yes and Bethany asked if the card
    was being used for purchases at restaurants and member money should not be used to pay for
    meals. John Bryant (Card Holder) stated that they have not intentionally used the TREPO credit
    card and if he pulled the wrong one out he would make it right. Bethany stated she was given
    the information right before she got to the meeting and did not have a copy of the info with
    CORRECTION: Bethany obtained the “receipt” for breakfast and emailed it to Evelyn. Evelyn reviewed
    the receipt and responded to Bethany and Board the card used was a Visa and TREPO has an American
    Express, therefore, TREPO funds were not used to pay for this breakfast.
    **Note from Bethany(Secretary) – I would like to express my apologies to Evelyn, board members, and
    members of TREPO for jumping the gun on this without researching it further before bringing it to a
    meeting of the board.
     From November 2020 meeting –Bethany stated Per Bylaws the President (Terri Hester) is the
    official spokesperson of the corporation and the Secretary (Bethany Pierce) handles all
    correspondence for the corporation which includes making the Agenda for meetings that the
    chairman must follow per RONR (12th ed.) 47:33(10).  Bethany presented the board with a “Member Question Form” for members to complete prior
    to the meeting and turn into the secretary so they can be called before the end of the meeting
    to speak. Board reviewed, motions made, seconded, and vote taken and Form was approved.
    o Jesse Crane stated he could get a podium for members to speak from.  Linda Hizer board seat status- Tom Trammel read a statement as to why Linda should not have
    her board seat. However, I asked for a copy to complete minutes to attach to minutes and have
    not received. Tom Trammel stated in his written notes at the meeting, that Linda gave up the
    appointed seat because she ran for office and did not get elected. There was a motion and a
    second as well as a vote – Linda is not on board.
    o Linda responded that she was told by the board she had to run to keep the seat. Linda
    stated she would not have run for office had she known this would take her from the
    seat, which is now occupied by Tom Trammel.  Who is A and B? – Need to clarify A&B Board member seats. Bethany had researched this and
    found the following and read to the board:
    o Group A* – Charlee Thompson, Joan Nano, Mike Wilson, Phyllis Rea.
    o Group B* – Charlie Arnett, Glenn Hunter, John Bryant, Tom Trammel, Sammy Keen.
    * This will be further researched for a complete list and presented at a later meeting.  Suwannee County Restrictions & Covenants sent out incorrectly – This was presented to the
    TREPO Lawyer and no response as of this meeting date.  Special Meeting request – presented to TREPO Lawyer and response is attached. Members can
    go forward with a special meeting only for the reason listed in the original letter requesting the
    special meeting.  Fishing Park – Committee (Terri Hester, Tommy Matthews, Randy Newton, & Joan Nano)  Terri Hester – presented a plan using 4×4’s, gate and parking area for $1400.00
     Tommy Matthews – presented plan with boulders for $3700.00.  Tommy presented Sign Bids (Attached) need to have corrections made then will
    vote on bid cost. Current bids are from North Florida Printing at $1525.00 and
    Action Signs & Graphics for $1325.00.  Porta-Potti – Voted no need at this time.  Maint. Gate- Okay to place a lock on this gate.  Street Light-  Rope Swing – Voted to remove due to liability issues.  Terri Hester was not happy with the fact Tommy Matthews recruited
    another member (Sammy Keen) on the board to assist him with his
    plans/bids. Sammy was not a part of the committee.
     Susie Wilson sent a request to write articles for newsletter- Tabled to Communication
    Committee.  Linda Hizer – Asked about income tax filings – no filings in the last 7 years – Glenn Hunter
    stated it is an easy fix all they have to do is amend this year’s taxes to include the past taxes
    that were not filed.
    Meeting adjourned at 8:12 PM.