• 20210629 Meeting Minutes

  • June 29th 2021

    TREPO Minutes from June 29, 2021

    Call to order by Chairman at 7:00pm.  Glenn Hunter led the invocation and pledge of Allegiance.

    All officers and board members were present except: Randy Newton, Bethany Pierce, Sammy Keen, Phyl Rea, Charlie Arnett, and Mary Brailer.

    Motion to excuse Charlie Arnett, Phyl Rea, Sammy Keen and Mary Brailer by John Bryant, second by Charlee Thompson.  Motion passed.

    Motion made to approve the Agenda by Tom Trammel and second by John Bryant. Motion passed.

    Vicki Imm presented the typed minutes from the meeting held May 4, 2021.  Motion was made to approve the minutes by John Bryant and second by Tom Trammel.  Joan Nano abstained. Motion passed.

    Secretary Report – No report, no secretary present.

    John Bryant praised the communication team specifically Terri Hester, Vonda Ackerson, and Vicki Imm.  This ladies have worked tirelessly to ensure members have been serviced by processing keys, payments, and gate greeters.

    Treasurer Report:  Vicki handed out Profit & Loss statements for January, February, March, April and May.  She also handed out a summary of January through May P & L.  The only question was by Joan Nano regarding on February statement what is included in the “General Journals”.  Vicki advised she will get with the bookkeeper to determine what makes up this “bucket”.  The “General Journals” was utilized by the former Treasurer.  Vicki advised she along with our bookkeeper is identifying the “buckets” that should have their own accounting; they are trying to eliminate items from being lumped together in a general bucket.

    Chairman Glenn Hunter asked the board to consider changing the TREPO meeting dates back to the second Tuesday of each month.  This would ensure more accurate financial reporting since the bank statement is not generated until the first week of the month.  The board all agreed to change the date.

    Motion to approve the P & L statements by Charlee Thompson second by John Bryant. Joan Nano opposes.  Motion passed.  Charlee Thompson will add the P & L statements to the TREPO website.

    Rick Palm and Lisa Kirby were brought forward by the chairman to vote during the meeting.

    President’s Report:  Terri Hester asked the board to approve a shelter to be built at Columbia County Boat Ramp Park.  A motion was made by John Bryant to approve the building of this shelter up to $3,000 and a second by Charlee Thompson.  A power pole is needed and Terri will speak with Bill Martin regarding a bid to install a power pole at Columbia Boat Ramp Park.  Terri reported 1600 visitors at Hodor Park during the Memorial Day holiday.  She has hired a sheriff deputy for the July 4th holiday.

    Park Maintenance – John Bryant: Midpoint park lock has been repaired. Columbia Boat Ramp the chain needs to be shortened.  One picnic table repaired and one removed.  Dragging wooden picnic tables damages them.  Less maintenance if we had galvanized metal for the tables.  Some lime rock is needed but this will wait until the water recedes.  Hodor Park was mowed for the holiday weekend.  Jesse mentioned Bridge Park needs a new grill and the wood fence is coming down.  John will look and see if it needs to be completely removed.  Jackie Moore advised midpoint needs repairs to the dock. John thanked Jesse Crane for pressure washing the clubhouse.  Fishing park hole has been made and more trucks and four wheeler traffic tearing up the property.  Tommy Matthews has a rock in mind to go there to plug up the hole.  Tommy will get with Sammy Keen. Tommy called the county about mowing and trimming trees on the right of ways.  They are three weeks out.

    Communication Committee: Vonda Ackerson Big thanks to Terri for helping membership get keys and monies from members.  Membership: Columbia County 683 and Suwannee County 243, total 926 as of 6/28/21.  Vonda requested the board reconsider the vote from the May meeting to deny approval for Bethany Pierce’s absence from the meeting.  Since more information was obtained and the board is aware Bethany was in the hospital they voted again.  Motion made to excuse her by Vonda Ackerson and Charlee Thompson second the motion.  It passed with no opposition.

    Tom Trammel Park Noise Committee:  The group has many recommendations on approving our parks safety. Some of the items covered in the discussion were replacing a multitude of signs with clear and concise signage, assign numbers to each pavilion for easy identification, new procedure for reserving pavilions, provide flyers and pamphlets on park rules and information to the members, utilize violation forms, encourage members to utilize law enforcement when rules are violated especially loud music and vulgar language.  Discussion to hire a park manager/ranger who would oversee the parks and boat ramps and cover both counties.  This committee recommended the park manager/ranger would be a paid position and this person would also have duties that include garbage/sanitation, plumbing, security, and report to the board.  Tom Trammel will present at the next meeting a list of points recommended by the group for the board to approve, prioritize and a plan to start implementing.

    Cameras:  Charlee Thompson has been researching this request.  While he has  researched the cheapest cameras and the most expensive, he chose to report on the middle of the road which provides the best pictures for the money.  All of our cameras are out dated and/or not working.  He reported approx. $6,944 for just the equipment to secure Hodor Park.  This would include the gate, clubhouse, outside of restrooms.  Vicki Imm asked since there is power and Wi-Fi at the Suwannee county boat ramp could they consider securing this park along with Hodor.  Charlee said yes.  Charlee is doing the installation so this will save TREPO installation costs.  Motion to approve up to $10,000 to purchase cameras by Tom Trammel second by John Bryant. Motion passed.

    New Business: It was suggested we switch from keys to a security card system.  Glenn advised the board will review this request.  We looked at that process a couple of years ago; our membership has grown a lot since then.

    Boats on the River: Old no wake signs need to be replaced. Discussion on who maintains these signs and approves them.  Suggestion was made to get with Hilda who is involved with the Itchnetucknee Alliance.

    Suggestion was made to complain to the DOT website regarding people parking on the highway 27 right of way and jumping into the river. If signs were placed there like they are in front of the state park, law enforcement would be able to enforce that effetely.

    Glenn mentioned a complaint was received regarding a present board member posting on social media and encouraging members to sue the board.  Glenn said this is unacceptable and discussion was held to create in the TREPO policy and procedures a “Code of Conduct”.  The code will define proper or improper behavior and consequences for violation.

    Discussion was held on prohibiting alcohol consumption in our parks. At this time the board feels we are not going to take away this privilege from our members.  The few that become a problem from drinking too much need to be dealt with on an individual basis with assistance from law enforcement.

    The chairman adjourned the meeting at 9:07pm.

    Prepared by Vicki Imm TREPO Treasurer