• 20211012 Meeting Minutes

  • Trepo Minutes from October 12, 2021

    Meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 7:00pm. Invocation by John Bryant and pledge of Allegiance by the Chairman.
    Roll Call: All members present except for, Sassy Johnson, Charlee Thompson, Lisa Kirby, Joan Nano, and Phyl Rea. The position of Vice President is vacant.
    John Bryant made a motion to approve Phyl Rea from the meeting and was second by Charlie Arnett. No one apposed, motion passed.
    A motion was made by John Bryant to approve the agenda and second by Vonda Ackerson. No one opposed, motion passed.
    Minutes from the last meeting were not presented and will be reviewed and voted on at the next meeting.
    Treasurer: Carole Strickland handed out the TREPO banking information and a pie chart showing Income and expense by month January through September 2021. The total bank balance as of end of September is $108,818.96. A motion was made by John Bryant to accept the treasurer report and second by Charlie Arnett. No one opposed, motion passed. Another motion was made by Tom Trammel to accept and approve the expenditures for September and second by Sammy Keen. No one opposed. Motion passed.
    Parks: Parks are starting to dry up. Discussion on spreading lime rock vs millings. Sammy Keen disagrees with using millings. Millings have petroleum in it and should not be washed in the river. John Bryant will check on this issue. The maintenance committee will have repairs done to Point Park and Mid-Point Park.
    President: We have 949 members. Terri Hester recommended to the board that they appoint as interim secretary Carole Strickland and as VP Mickey Olsen. There was a discussion on failure to do the requirements of the position by the secretary. A motion was made to accept Mickey Olsen as VP by John Bryant, second by Tommy Matthews. No one opposed, motion passed. A motion was made by Sammy Keen to remove the present secretary, Bethany Pierce, from the position and second by John Bryant. No one opposed, motion passed. A motion was made by Tom Trammel to accept Carole Strickland as interim secretary and second by Tommy Matthews. No one opposed, motion passed.
    Terri Hester and Bill Martin pulled the permit Monday to proceed with installing electric at Columbia County Boat Ramp Park.
    Terri Hester thanked everyone who helped to set up and serve at the members meeting and BBQ. There were 38 members verified (not counting guests) and 47.5 were needed for a quorum. Therefore nothing could be voted on, it was an information meeting only.
    There was a discussion regarding postings on social media by a resident who is not a member of TREPO. Unfortunately, new residence read these postings and could be thinking they are accessing an official site but are not. The discussion was Trepo Rivers vs Around Three Rivers and Three Rivers Official Chat. Please educate your friends and neighbors that there is only one official TREPO chat and that is “Three Rivers Official Chat”.
    Tom Trammel advised working on a job description for the “Park Ranger” and will have it to present at the November meeting.
    Tommy Matthews @. Motion by John Bryant and second by Tom Trammel.
    Security: Vonda Ackerson advised cameras are up at Hodor Park except in front of the restrooms. Charlee Thompson is accessing those recordings and watching the park. Next Park on the list is Point Park. The cameras will be helpful to the Park Manager.
    Fall Festival is October 16th, 10:00am – 2:00pm. Volunteers are welcome and we will be providing FREE hotdogs.
    Next board meeting is November 9, 2021.
    Terri Hester President thanked everyone who helped out with the BBQ.
    Glenn led a discussion regarding code enforcement. A new law prohibits complaints from being anonymous and must have the complainant’s name. If individuals have a complaint, they can bring it to the TREPO board and the TREPO board will make the complaint to code enforcement. This way our member can remain anonymous if they wish. Building & septic permits have to be purchased. Glenn will present a policy and procedure for this at the next meeting. Possible to create a code enforcement form on line.
    General comments by members: This is a family friendly neighborhood. We should not have signs with cuss words or offensive remarks for our children to see. Recommend offensive sign in a neighbor’s yard be removed/changed and send letter to person from the board asking the member to consider removing it.
    Karaoke has been shut down on time in recent months and the music has been turned down.
    Motion to adjourn by Tom Trammel
    Second by Tommy Mathews
    Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.
    Minutes by Vicki Imm and Carole Strickland