• 20220315 Meeting Minutes




    Meeting Minutes:  Three River Estates Property Owners, Fort White, FL. 32038

    Date:  March 15, 2022


    Call to Order:  7:00 p.m.

    Invocation; Pledge of Allegiance

    Roll Call:

    Board Members:                     Officers:                                   Alternates:

    -Mary Brailee-sick                   -Vonda Ackerson-sick Mickie Olsen

    -John Bryant-sick                    Charlie Arnett, Vice Chair       Rick Palm

    Glenn Hunter                          Terri Hester, President

    Sassy Johnson                       Victoria Imm, Treasurer

    Sammy Keen

    -Lisa Kirby-sick

    Tommy Matthews

    Joan Nano

    -Phyl Rea-sick

    Charlee Thompson

    Tom Tramel

    Unanimous approval was given to excuse members absent due to illness.


    Approve Agenda for March 15:  Chairman noted correction…replace September with February

    Approve February 8th meeting:  Correction requested:  replace accommodation with commendation.

    1. Nano req. incidental motion, it failed. Motion to approve: T.Tramel, 2nd S. Keen approved with J. Nano objecting.


    Secretary´s Report:

    Chairman asked who would be responsible for taking meeting notes.  President asked Board approval for Hilda Gilchrist to be approved as secretary since she lives here and has been coming to meetings.   Chairman asked for motion to approve/S. Keen; 2nd/R. Palm… approved unanimously.


    Treasurer’s Report by Vicky Imm reporting on Drummond BankAccount:                                         

    Checking bal:              $21,858.01

    Savings:                        50,009.79

    Memberships:               58,058.42

    Total:                         $129,926.22


    Monthly Checks:         $3,182.50

    Auto Drafts:                      592.67

    Total Expenditures:    $3,775.17


    Transfers:                                   0

    Interest-Reg. Ckg:                  .18

    Deposits-Mem C:           4,027.00

    Electronic Deposits        6,470.00

    Total Deposits:           $10,897.18


    Motion/T. Mathews, 2nd/T Tramel:  approved unanimously

    Advertising fees current and proposed were discussed.  Business cards to remain at $20.00, 1/4 page will go up to $125.00, 1/2 page will cost $200.00.  NO full page adds; NO color advertisements.

    Motion/S.Keen, 2nd/T Mathews:  approved unanimously


    President’s Report, Terri Hester: 

    1. Action needed for bathrooms at Hodor; “they are a mess!” They need to be locked after each use; Kids and users leave the doors open so anyone can use them.

    A discussion took place regarding  possible refocusing of cameras to encompass the two door ways since currently only the hallway it’s filmed.  It was requested that C. Thompson re-aim the cameras to help identify who is propping the doors open.


    1. DJ Chris w be at Hodor with Kareoke from 2-5 on March 19th.


    1. New 24´x24´ metal pavilion  for Point Park will be delivered in two weeks (after she returns).  The existing fence will need to be partially removed…volunteers are also needed to demolish the existing building after new one is erected.


    1. Volunteers are needed for the April 9 FISH FRY set up and take down,

    There will be children activities in the morning then the Florida Flatlanders play from 2 to 4.

    Volunteers, please contact Terri!


    Maintenance Committee Report:

    Locks are broken and need to be replaced at Boat ramp and Camping Parks.


    A quote to expand the pavilion at Hodor has been requested.


    SIGNAGE:  T. Mathews presented a graphic showing proposed entrance signs, which include a  number (i.e. Entrance 2,3,4,  to assist in directions (i.e.  if one is to meet at a location, etc.)


    A discussion took place where it was determined that the proposed signage for Suwanee side needs further work, since it currently does not include a map of the Suwanee side and thus is only 5’ wide, (unlike the Columbia side signs that are 8’ wide.  Also, there may be a need for more than one sign on the Suwanee side, since there are more than one entrance.


    ACTION:  Proceed with the (2) signs for the Columbia side NOW ($1,200), and work on incorporating a map (just as the Columbia side has), enlarging the signs from a 5’´ width to an 8´ width (this will increase the cost from $403.00, that it would’ve cost for the 5´ wide sign if all three were constructed at the same time).



    Discussion Action Items:

    Park  Committee Report: Tom Tramel

    The park manager (PM) position and job description have already been approved by the board the following are 7 points related to P.M. position, presented for consideration and approval:

    1. Base pay (hourly): $18.00 / hr.
    2. Projected amount of hours/days shall be decided by the President. A min. of 10 per week; Anmaximum 40 hrs./week (to be approved by the Chairman) The work is seasonal.
    3. Chain of command: Direct Supervisor: President of TREPO. 2nd in command: Chairman of the Board.  Questions or disputes shall be decided by the TREPO Board.
    4. Process of applying: Apply through the TREPO web site (net). Fill out form, hit SUBMIT.
    5. Chairman of the Board shall appoint a committee of three, consisting of TREPO President, Chairman, and Park Ranger Committee C The committee will evaluate and rank the applicants to make a recommendation of the preferred applicant to the Board.
    6. Background criminal history and drug testing shall be requested and provided on the final
    7. Once favorable security and drug testing results are provided. The Board will vote to approve.

    Motion to approve C. Thompson, 2nd/ R. Palm.


    Camera Security: Charlee Thompson

    All is Going well he’s got several boxes of stuff to install the priority is…first Midpoint, then Point Park.  Hodor was already discussed.


    Spring Picnic (fish fry):  April 9th

    Cost:  $8.50 adults

    $4.00 children

    John was going to get food from Sam’s, so other arrangements are needed.

    Vonda will get supplies from Sam’s.


    New Business. None noted

    Old Business:  None noted


    Open – Property Owners Comments to Board, time limit 2 minutes per person.  The following issues were brought up by residents of Three Rivers Eststes,, all of which should be addressed further.


    Mary Terry noted there are problems with Airbnb guests entering the park. It is not fair that Airbnb guests, who dońt pay a fee for park maintenance be allowed.   They may be part of the vandalism problem, sometimes there are large groups that probably include friends in the area.

    Options discussed include:

    1. For groups of 12 or more, enforce our Covenants and Restrictions that require Owner must be present.

    Skip Clemmons noted

    1. Board approval is required for groups larger than 12.

    Skip and Joan Nano agree we should:

    1. c. Require Owners to register as Airbnb´s, and submit the names of any/all their Airbnb guests that will be using the parks each time they have renters.

    Susan Nance and other´s agree that there are not supposed to be any Airbnb’s in 3 Rivers Estates.

    1. d. Enforce Restrictions and Protective Covenantsthat (see Parag. 13 below), that exclude businesses from being run in 3 River Estates.

    President Terri Hester noted that Columbia County enforcement seems to be allowing power and septic without site plans showing single family home site (min. 800 sq. ft.),which then allows mobile homes,  mini houses to be brought into these lots.


    Jesse Crane noted that we can control whether or not Airbnb‘s are permitted and he also demanded to know when elections will be held,  how many members will be running in October.  The chairman noted that five ran the last time six will run this Oct.


    Susan Nance then brought up a 2nd issue:  she would like to take her tractor down to camping park, to grade it a bit at no cost to TREPO, since 4 wheelers and flooding has caused lots of mounds and depressions and makes it difficult to camp there.

    Chairman reponded that she is not to do any earthmoving, but can pick up branches and sticks, etc., President was going to follow up as well by visting the site.


    The owner of key number 1042 inquired about when keys were mailed she never received hers.  The President is going to look into the matter.


    Next meeting: April 12th


    Adjourn:  8:15