• Membership

  • If you own property in Three Rivers Suwannee county or Columbia county side and have not joined TREPO please download the form below and mail it in. Membership is mandatory, we would love to have everyone join our organization.
  • Renew your membership

    Please send a check or money order to:

    PO Box 148
    Fort White, FL. 32038

    The fee is $175 and covers Jan 1st - Dec 31st

    Late fees are incurred after January 31st - $25, and after February 28th - $50

    Be sure to put your key number on your check so we know who it's for. 

    You can now renew your membership online! Just click the link below. (Processing fees apply)

  • Fees

    Membership dues are currently $175/yr. Membership is prorated for new property owners who
    have bought property this year.
    o Membership in Q1 (Jan – Mar) - $175
    o Membership in Q2 (Apr – Jun) - $75
    o Membership in Q3 (Jul – Sep) - $50
    o Membership in Q4 (Oct – Dec) - $25
    o Late fees are incurred after January 31st - $25, and after February 28th - $50

  • New Members

    Membership in TREPO is dependent on ownership of property within the boundaries of Columbia
    County and Suwannee County, which the subdivision is charted.

    You must provide a certified copy of the RECORDED deed showing the transfer of ownership
    stamped by the county clerk.

    You must also fill out and turn the application form

  • Key Day 2024 - Dates coming soon

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