• Rumor: New Campground coming to Three Rivers

    • The Rumor:

      There is a place on the corner of Newark and Copperhead and they’ve got cement pads and they’re going to have multiple camping spaces are going to start renting out.

      The Facts:

      The guy who owns the property at Copperhead and Newark is from Wisconsin and is building a house on one of the properties. He is using the spots for vehicle parking as well as his family’s personal campers (no more than 4 months a year until the house is built in accordance with the deed restrictions). There will not be camper/RV’s coming and going from the property unless a family member of his with a camper is visiting, which would be rare.

      Where did the rumor come from?

      This rumor was found on a website that is NOT an official source of information for TREPO, INC.