• Rumor: The Board is pocketing $3.40 when paying online

    • The Rumor:

      Some people are saying that the board raised dues, some say that there is some kind of bucket for the $3.40 to go into. Some just want to know the truth so here it is. The rumor is FASE

      The Facts:

      The Board voted to pay $10/month to host a portal for us to be able to accept credit cards for renewals. TREPO can accept unlimited payments per month for the same $10.

    When you pay with a card the credit card processing company has to make money too. They charge 3% PLUS .40/Transaction. So, on a $100 charge, the total cost is $103.40. If you were paying $1,000 (which no one would) the fee would be $1,030.40 and so on. TREPO doesn’t even see that processing fee. The credit card company takes it off the top and deposits the remaining $100 into our checking account.

    So, why doesn’t TREPO just pay the fee, the local S&S doesn’t charge me more for using my card? Well… I’m glad you asked, you see, several years ago some board members wanted the members to be able to renew online but it would cut into the dues and no one wants to raise dues so the whole thing was squashed. By transferring the processing fee to the payer, this allows TREPO to take in the full membership amount and allows for more convenience for our members.

    But, what if I don’t want to pay the $3.40 or if I don’t have a card? No problem, you can still send a check or money order to membership like you always have or you can pay in cash on a key day. If you pay with a check, money order, or cash please only pay the $100


              Can I still send in more than my $100 as a donation to our Community? Sure you can, when you pay online you can type in as much as you want but the system will not accept anything under $100.



      Where did the rumor come from?

      This rumor was found on a website that is NOT an official source of information for TREPO, INC. Even if that webpage tries to call itself Official. We can only “assume” some people have too much time and feel the need to start drama.