• Rumor: The Board Members Get Paid

  • The Rumor:

    The Board Members Get Paid

    The facts:

    All Board members and Officers are volunteers, happy to help the community in any way that they can. The Board members have different talents and backgrounds that when put together on a team they can do some pretty awesome work for their neighbors.

    Where did the rumor come from?

    Sometimes a Board Member has to pick up supplies, lumber to fix a bench, bathroom tissue for the restrooms, etc. When this happens they turn in a receipt and they get reimbursed. They are all happy to volunteer their time to work on the board but there are other duties that need to be done that are not always a volunteer job. Cleaning the restrooms for example takes a lot of work and is not part of being on the Board, so in the past, a Board Member has been hired to do that job outside of their Board duties. At first glance this looks like someone is being paid to be on the board but that not the case, they are being paid to do a job outside of their board duties.

    So, reimbursement, other duties, and alike are what has fueled this rumor but the rumor itself is FALSE