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    In this petition we are asking for the Entire Ichetucknee Spring Run(a k.a Ichetucknee River) Florida to become a Boating-Restricted area : Meaning motorized vessels will not be able to enter the Ichetucknee waters,(not limited to,law enforcement,wildlife officers,first responders). To help protect and conserve the Ichetucknees’s aquatic plants and animals, to protect Florida manatees, to help conserve all Natural wildlife in and around these Waters,to Protect and Conserve Our One and only Beautiful Pristine spring run Ichetucknee..At the confluence of the Ichetucknee Spring Run Manatees have been unable to come together  or enter the Ichetucknee due to unimaginable amount of motorized vessels anchored in the small confluence area,all the way up the spring runs banks.For the past several years we’ve had less and less sightings of Manatees in the Ichetucknee,saddest is seeing more injured manatees, the vegetation for manatees is being plowed down less for manatees to eat ,also manatees like to eat floating vegetation as well .If there is none on the bottom can they eat with all the boats floating above ? As we all know Manatees is the Florida’s State Mammal there environment is being taken over each weekend and every holiday .  There is many different springs inside the run of Ichetucknee that feed the last short four or less miles that’s not protected  by the State (Ichetucknee State Park)that the boats are anchoring on and breaking the ledges of these caves that are the springs , as well as destroying aquatic plants, collapsing the aquatic animals homes. The Ichetucknee is a waist deep for most adults in most of it’s spring run, and is very narrow , narrow bends making it impossible and very dangerous for anyone who is kayaking,tubing , any animal or person swimming,and other vessels , because motorized vessels (examples -30ft pontoons, Speed boats , ocean boats, mud buddy’s,jet skis) can not maneuver in a safe manner , and in attempting to do so results in harming the banks on each side of the Spring Run putting people and nature in dangers way . There is only a few more miles waiting to be protected then it will be  Entirety .Please explore research Our Florida’s Springs , Help Protect and Conserve these Beautiful Blessed Waters which gives us all LIFE .