• TREPO mtg 22-7-19


    Meeting Minutes: Three River Estates Property Owners, Fort White, FL. 32038
    Date: July 19, 2022
    1. Call to Order by G. Hunter: 7:00 p.m.
    2. Invocation
    3. Pledge of Allegiance to US
    4. Roll Call:
    Board Members: Officers: Alternates:
    Glenn Hunter, Chairman Terri Hester, President -Mary Brallier
    Vonda Ackerson Mickey Olson, Vice President -Lisa Kirby
    -John Bryant (sick) Victoria Imm, Treasurer Rick Palm
    -Sassy Johnson (sick) Hilda Gilchrist, Secretary
    Sammy Keen (family)
    Tommy Matthews
    Joan Nano Park Manager
    -Phyl Rea-sick Bill Brim
    Charlee Thompson
    Tom Tramel
    5. Motion to approve excused members C. Thompson, 2nd T.Tramel, Passed unanimously
    6. Approve Agenda: moved by T. Trammel, 2nd, C Thompson, J. Nano opposed.
    7. Approve June minutes, moved by T. Mathews, 2nd, T. Tramel.
    8. Chairman G. Hunter recommended Rick Palm to fill C Arnett’s seat on the board for the
    remaining 2 years; moved by T. Tramel, 2nd: C. Thompson, J. Nano objected, saying Rick Palm was
    assigned to the board when M.Wilson had to drop out due to his wife, he was already on the board.
    9. Secretary´s Report: Hilda Gilchrist asked what the Secretary would normally report. Chairman
    responded the general it might address legal matters, or something that needs signatures, etc.
    10. Park Managers Report: Bill Brim: provided a detail report of findings from when he began as Park
    Manager, please see the attached report.
    *J.Nano is concerned about lime-rock because it is in the flood plain. Land is being desecrated within
    75’ of the water. She congratulated B. Brim; applause from all.
    *Chairman requested the recommendations be sent to the Parks Committee and Maintenance
    Rick Palm moved to accept the Park Manager´s Report; C.Thompson 2nd, approved unanimously.
    *V. Ackerson reported that people who did not have keys to Boat Ramp Park And get locked in are
    driving through 3 adjacent properties.
    *Mary Terry asked whether midnight paddles need to be scheduled. Currently the rules dońt say that,
    but they should, since whomever schedules this would be responsible for any problems.
    *Chairman noted that parks close at dusk.
    *J.Crane brought up night fishing creates issues as well.
    11. Treasurer’s Report: Vicky Imm:
    Drummond BankAccount info for May 2022:
    Checking bal: $13,640.06 Monthly Checks: $9,779.96
    Savings: 50,022.20 Auto Drafts: 1,701.63
    Memberships: 67,575.22 Total Expenditures: $11,481.59
    Total: $131,237.48Transf. to Reg. Checking: $ 20,000.00
    Interest-Reg. Ckg: .14
    Interest-Savings: 6.24
    Deposits-Reg. Ckg: 100.00
    Deposits-Mem C: 6,338.00
    Electronic Deposits 1,725.00
    Total Deposits: $8,169.38
    Treasurer requested $50,000 be transferred from membership fund to checking account. Motion by
    S.Keen, 2nd, T.Tramel.
    Motion to approve the financial report, 2nd C. Thompson 2nd by V. Ackerson. Passed unanimously.
    *S.Keen noted that Drummond Bank Branch is closing in Fort White effective Sept. 1. we will continue to
    bank with them through Lake City office. Chairman noted the new bank will be Seacoast, a much bigger
    *V. Imm reported we’d been paying $.50/mile. IRS increased it to .62.5 for the remainder of 2022. Motion
    to approve the increase in mileage to .62.5/mile, motion by T. Tramel, 2nd by S.Keen. Passed
    10. President’s Report & Maintenance Report (since J.Bryant is absent) Terri Hester:
    a. She has ordered a second pavilion for Point Park, going to see what it’s like with just two.
    b. Grills are being ordered.
    c. She’d like to thank the Boy Scouts for cleaning Point Park, and ask the Secretary to write a letter.
    d. We need to order the keys now for next year. We have $8,500 approved; if the price is going up
    again, we need to allocate it now, not wait till October.
    e. Lock down at Point Park is going to be replaced by Bill Martin tomorrow.
    f. J. Crane suggests we submit proposed location of pavilions so we don’t get in trouble.
    g. It was noted that Mid-Point Park needs repair of wood steps, some are missing, lots have algae
    growth. S.Clemons noted the walk needs to be wider!
    h. Separate facility and stairs appropriate for launching tubes, canoes and kayak’s was discussed for
    Hodor Park, Chairman noted that the access may be just north of the volley-ball courts and that the
    district (DEP) needs to be called to take a look at possible location. We don’t want to make this a
    swimming area; just a launch area! It was suggested (by S. Keen) that dealing with all the permitting
    could be handled by whomever is going to build the dock.
    i. The President later noted she feels we need to work on Brendan Park before tackling Mid-Point Park.
    12. Communications Committee Report: Vonda Ackerson
    Membership: 618 Columbia County
    202 Suwanee County
    820 TOTAL
    Note: the highest membership was last year 962 total in Dec. 2021
    *Everyone is aware that many properties are changing hands. We get noticed from the title companies
    inquiring about an estoppel fee…a letter requesting whether the existing member’s yearly fees are paid
    up? Are they behind?
    *Our Articles of Incorporation and By-laws require a membership fee be paid (the fee was $25.00) but
    that the board has the responsibility to raise or amend fees (currently that fee is $100). If you own
    several properties, you’re only required one membership fee.
    *She feels she needs something documented to hand out to the realtors that says the membership fee is
    mandatory, so when we send our next invoice, precedent is there.
    *Keys to access parks are a privilege for members in good standing. Membership fee applies to the
    fact that members are stewards of the common property and help pay for taxes, utilities, mowing,
    maintenance, insurance, etc.
    *We should be putting liens on properties that are not current. At this time it is not our practice to place
    liens, since we don’t have the man-power. She requests the board approve a lien be placed onproperties so when properties are sold the unpaid balance of up to 10 years is collected (in order to get
    clear title), and past due fees are paid to TREPO.
    720 says we can charge a fee and she she needs the board approve $100.00 fee per year not paid.
    *If member has paid and has keys in hand, they must turn keys over to the new owners.
    *J. Nano, we have people that bought property before this was required.
    *If you would like to use the facilities you can charge additional fees for use of the boat ramp.
    *S. Clemons noted that no one is going to enforce the lien just because we’ve placed a lien.
    The discussion then shifted to the latest threats by Hank Lowry and others . A deputy called and
    suggested that the Board send a letter to the Sheriff and State Attorney’s office on behalf of TREPO
    members regarding concern over the safety of our members. It is a felony to threaten a board member.
    Real threats about shooting members, etc have been posted…every threat should be documented
    collected (filed in our own internal file) and provided to the Sheriff’s office as evidence of the type of
    behavior reported. At some point services of an attorney may be required.
    Anytime anything has to acted upon, the Board representing over 1,200 voter’s has a strong case. If the
    State’s attorney is refusing to do anything, the Board needs to continue to push for action. It’s not local
    law enforcement issue. Deputy has done everything he can, just waiting for action from the States
    Attorney. County Commission also can go to bat for us, since he gets elected by people here.
    *A point was brought up about holding the executor of account liable/responsible for content posted on
    site. D.J. Chadwick noted that on that site there is no administrator; the administrator was blocked, the
    site was hacked, no one has access, so account can’t be closed. Anyone can say whatever they want
    on that page.
    *Chairman: Motion that the Board send a letter to the Sheriff and State Attorney’s office on behalf of
    TREPO members regarding concern over the threats and safety of our members. this has been going o
    for over 2 years; when we engage with this individual he steps up even louder. We need to document
    collect and filed in our own internal file threats and evidence of the type of behavior reported so we can
    send copies to them in the future. Chairman will deliver the letter to the State Attorney in person.
    *Moved by T. Tramel; 2nd T. Mathews, J. Nano abstains; motion passes.
    *V. Ackerson requested time to once again discuss HOA & POA. We are Three River Estates Property
    Owners Inc.…that is our business name through Sun-biz. We are not a POA and don’t fall under the
    criteria of a POA (Property Owner’s Association), differs from a COA (Condominium Owner’s Association)
    and an HOA (Home Owners Association).
    *A POA can govern multiple types of property such as residential and business, the goal of a POA is to
    improve an entire area, neighborhood, or even an entire town. A POA can implement zoning restriction,
    undertake development projects and enhance community areas. A POA is focused on engaging on plans
    to develop businesses and increase of property value across a large area.
    *We follow the Florida statute 720 which covers HOA (Home Owners Association). According to 720
    classification, a HOA is typically the most known type of association. HOA is usually comprised of a
    group of similar homes & residences along with common areas, club houses, boat houses, and other
    properties that are shared with the whole community. It conforms to a strict set of regulations and
    requires all residents to adhere to the regulations. The rules that are used to regulate things such as
    appearance of homes to the number of pets. Every HOA has a different set of rules which the residents
    agree to uphold. The overall aim of an HOA is to create a safe and comfortable environment that raises
    the property values of our community. The members of the community assist with fees paid to support
    the community.
    *We must comply with HOA rules. There are no state statutes for POA, they all go by HOA rules. Even if
    we don’t follow a rule or enforce a rule, it doesn’t throw out the rule. This was established long ago
    1987(?). Mobile Home Associations are different than ours; we are legally an HOA in the state of FL.15. Discussion/Action Items:
    a. Camera security: Charlee Thompson: Base was installed at MidPoint the other day, his crew will
    be there with a Trencher Thursday to put ditch in to run the conduit. All is being installed. Point is
    next. Also, no cameras are filming inside the bathrooms, it is against the law, no one can see inside
    the restrooms!
    b. Park Committee Report: T. Tramel kudos to C.Thompson and to B.Brim for all they are doing! It is
    making a huge difference in helping people feel safer. Chairman agreed and noted that we don’t
    want to hear anyone say I don’t want to go to the park because of certain people. Good job with the
    pavillion too!
    c. Elections Committee report: Skip Clemons was the spokesperson. Skip Clemons discussed the
    process in detail. The process and rules is explained fully in the Newsletter.
    *Who’s going to receive ballots…We’ll receive one ballot per member. It will be and it will go in the ballot
    box. Hilda will keep the locked box. Box will not be open until Oct. 8th with 3 elections officers.
    Ballots will be marked as received. Mary Terry will have the key.
    You’ll have to have a voter i.d. and your member no., otherwise you willl not be allowed to vote. Once the
    votes are counted, they will be posted on our TREPO website
    * All ballots will be stamped with the official seal, so duplication is not possible.
    * Up for election will be (6) Board Members, (4) Officers, and (4) Alternates.
    * Term: January 2023 for (4) years) ending Dec., 2026.
    * Deadlines are as follows:
    * July 1- August 1 TREPO Members in good standing submit their qualifications for desired
    position (name, address, short biography).
    * 10/8/22 Annual membership meeting and Picnic.
    * Ballots will be available for TREPO members in good standing who are going to vote in person.
    Corporate Officers must be full time residents of TREPO. No ballot harvesting.
    *If there’s a questionable ballot for some reason for example the envelope is not properly filled out, there
    could be a reason to have a provisional ballot. Those ballots will be set aside and will not be used
    unless they will alter the election. If someone has 100 votes and the closest person to that is 65 votes,
    and we have 15 absentee or provisional ballots they will not make a difference and will not be counted.
    *We’re trying to make it simple there will be no write-in candidates… this is what made it such a long
    process two years ago, because they didn’t have a tally sheet. The elections supervisors office has
    requested that as soon as we produce a ballot we are to take it down to the elections office and Tommy
    Brown has assured us their office will produce a tally sheet that their people will be able to use in telling
    votes we will have nothing to do with tallying votes; this is outside the realm of anyone who lives in Three
    Rivers Estates.
    In-Person Voting Guidelines
    The 2022 election will be held on October 8 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.
    A member voting in person may pick up their ballot the morning of election.
    THESE TWO FORMS OF ID REQUIRED: Photo ID and member number (located on key.)
    Each member will place their completed ballot in the locked ballot box.
    To protect voting privacy, accuracy and count, no one will be allowed to place another member’s ballot in
    the locked ballot box.
    Voting will end at 1 p.m.
    The ballot box will be turned over to the counting committee, whose members will not include TREPO
    Absentee Ballot Guidelines
    While not an election requirement, absentee ballots will be available for this 2022 election.
    If a member wishes to vote but can’t be in attendance on Oct.8,
    Members MUST request an absentee ballot no later than September 1
    by phone 386-497-3320 or by email at election@trepo.net, and a ballot will be mailed to each member at
    the address on file for their membership.Special Instructions to be in compliance with Absentee Ballot guidelines:
    A. Each member must fill it out his/her own ballot
    B. Print your name for legibility and sign your name,
    and include your member number (found on key.)
    C. Must place absentee ballot in an unmarked envelope and seal envelope
    D. Place that envelope in a second envelope addressed to:
    TREPO, P.O. Box 148, Fort White, FL 32038
    E. In return address area, include member name, member number, and the words Absentee Ballot

    Absentee ballots must be received by mail no later than October 3
    OPTION TO SAVE POSTAGE: deliver the double sealed envelope to Election Committee members who
    will be available at Hodor Park on Saturday, September 24th or Saturday, October 1st between the hours
    of 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. All drop-off absentee ballots will be verified by a committee member, and then the
    member will placethe ballot into the locked box.
    The locked ballot box to be opened only on the day of the election by the Counting Committee.
    At the conclusion of the election, the counting committee will tally all votes. The results will be
    delivered to the Elections Committee and will then be immediately posted on the TREPO website.

    Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to cast another person’s ballot.
    2022 Annual Members Meeting
    The Annual Members Meeting will begin at 1 p.m. on October 8 immediately following the annual election.
    If a member cannot attend but wishes to have someone represent him/her, this may be done by proxy for
    the Annual Meeting.
    Proxy Guidelines
    1. A member may request a proxy form for his/her own use no later than September 1, by phone
    386-497-3320 or by email at election@trepo.net, and a proxy form will be mailed to the member at the
    address on file for their membership.
    2. The proxy form must be filled out and returned no later than October 3 and will be filed with the
    secretary. Proxies are for the Annual meeting and not for the election.
    2022 Election and Voting Procedures
    The next TREPO election will be held on October 8, 2022, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. There are two
    ways to vote for board members or officers in this election:
    1. Vote in person or
    2. Vote by Absentee Ballot, and the that must be received by October 3.
    Please remember, for an absentee ballot to be valid it MUST be placed in a sealed envelope and
    then placed inside a second envelope marked Absentee Ballot along with the member’s name
    and member number.
    *A member can hand-deliver one absentee ballot up to two days before from 10 until 12, if someone
    wants to deliver an absentee ballot. If we get two ballots from the same member (i.e. the same member
    number), both of the ballots will be invalid.
    *If you call in requesting an absentee ballot, it will be marked that you requested a ballot by Aug. 17. It
    will be noted that it was sent on the 19th. If by the end of the month, you have not receive your ballot,
    *Just because you receive an absentee ballot doesn’t mean you have to vote an absentee ballot. It’s no
    different than general elections in the county, or state, or federal. You can show up and vote. But if your
    absentee ballot also comes in, neither vote will be counted; both will be excluded.
    *On the two days that we are receiving/collecting ballots, we are not handing out ballots!d. Report from the board authorized investigation regarding board member Joan Nano and Jesse
    Crane, summarized by Tom Tramel:
    In view of the incident at the TREPO Board Meeting of February 8th, 2022, at the TREPO clubhouse.
    The committee met and after reviewing the witness statements and comparing notes from the existing
    video tapes, and the other witness accounts, the committee finds the following: that director Joan
    Nano, member Jesse Crane, and Richard Walker (according to TREPO a member not in good standing)
    Made false statements to the Columbia County Sheriff’s office regarding an incident that occurred at a
    TREPO Board Meeting of February 8th, 2022, at the TREPO clubhouse.
    These written statements (County Sheriff’s Office 220FF000557) include numerous false statements and
    the false identification of Mr. Steve Allison as a person who allegedly assaulted Richard Walker. Videos
    revealed that no assault nor battery took place and that Steve Allison was not only misidentified as the
    assailant, but he was not even present at the meeting. It is there for the findings of the committee that
    1. No assault as alleged took place.
    2. That false statements were made by those witnesses previously mentioned.
    3. As a result Columbia County sheriff‘s office, a member in good standing Steve Allison, was defamed
    by witnesses intentional misidentification.
    4. This information was reported to a public agency making the information available to the public and
    to the public media. It is open to public inspection this creating a liability for libel and defamation of
    5. As a result of their false statements they also attempted to disparage the good reputation and
    character of a deputy sheriff. And destroyed his good standing in the sheriffs office and in his law
    enforcement and TREPO community.
    6. Having brought discredit to herself, TREPO, and the TREPO board of directors and having placed the
    board and TREPO in a possible position of enhanced liability, The committee recommends to the
    board that Director Joan Nano engaged in conduct unbecoming to a board member and because of
    such, that she be requested to resign from her position immediately. If she refuses to resign then the
    committee recommends that she be fully censored by the board.
    7. As to Jesse Crane the committee that he engaged in conduct unbecoming a TREPO member for
    making false statements to law enforcement.
    8. As to Richard Walker, while he is a property owner, but is not a member in good standing according
    to TREPO records, and therefore does not deserve a stage a TREPO meetings. He should be
    warned that should he engage in this type of behavior, he will be banned from future meetings of
    9. These are permanent records and only way they can be done away with is if Mr. Allison hire legal
    counsel, and request it be expunged.
    10. Videos are sufficient to show that statements made are false.
    *Chairman noted that the investigation committee has made a recommendation and asked whether there
    are any comments.
    *Joan Nano was asked by C. Thompson if she had anything to say. She distributed a letter and
    proceeded to read it. Among other things, she requested the board apologize to her, stated she has
    freedom of speech, apologized for her actions. Please refer to full letter as part of board records.
    *C. Thompson then speaking directly to J. Nano, noted that he and many others have worked side by
    side with Joan for many years and love her dearly. He hates to do this but feels he has to do what’s
    right. It was false accusations, she was sitting by the door and saw what happened. She chose to
    report it falsely, so he made a motion that the committee recommendations be accepted. He moved to
    accept the committee recommends to the board that Director Joan Nano be requested to resign from her
    position immediately. If she refuses to resign then the committee recommends that she be fully censored
    by the board. 2nd by R. Palm.
    *V. Ackerson noted that she has reviewed the inside videos several times and you can clearly see that
    the officer did not touch Mr. Walker. Then, from the other side you can clearly see there was a gap
    between them and there was no contact. That’s a part that really bothers her. Also, one cannot guess oropine in a witness statement. Better to generalize the facts than say something that is not true and
    factual. The signature is below a statement that says I swear this is true.
    *Chairman called for a vote was called and motion passed unanimously.
    *J. Crane asked what the board action against him was. He was told that he, in conjunction with J.
    Nano and Mr. Walker made similar erroneous statements.
    *Chairman closed by saying a vote was taken, we are finished with this issue.
    e. Report from the board authorized investigation regarding Debbie Jean Chadwick, summarized
    by B. Brim, and T.Hester.
    *B.Brim (BB) was asked to present the incident. On 7/10, he was asked come out to Hodor Park by
    President T.Hester(TH) of TREPO, Bill was advised there was trouble with Debbie Jean Chadwick (DJC).
    Sheriff had already been informed, and was ready to leave. TH reported she’d been yelled at from a
    cross the park upset about Airbnb, and we were allowing people that should not be allowed in. BB
    noted DJC was drunk or definitely under the influence of some substance. BB is not going to put up
    with anyone giving the greeters a hard time, and he will always support the gate greeters. He asked that
    DJC be escorted out.
    *TH was asked to make her report. She said, she was sitting at the gate when DJC started making a
    scene about Airbnb people and asking them questions at the gate and causing a disturbance…they’re
    not allowed in, asking where they get their key from, etc. TH responded… if they have a key we let them
    in. DJC was yelling, ranting and raving. TH was ready to leave and the other greeter still had an hour in
    herr post. As TH left, DJC said…since you’re not doing your job, I’m going to do your job for you, so
    she runs, grabbed the clip board and sits down where TH had been. TH immediately came back in the
    gate and asked DJC to get away from the area; this is not your job. DJC said I can do this if I want to.
    TH asked her to leave right now. DJC said, we’ll I guess I’ll leave, she forgot she had her pipe in her
    hand, and it busted and went everywhere. TH asked if she was smoking marijuana, and DJ
    responded…no, CBD. She continued to holler, TH called BB.
    *T. Tramel then asked a series of questions, to which TH responded yes.
    Did she yell at you? Did she use profane language? Were there other people around that could hear her?
    We’re there children? And did the officer have to escort her out of the gate?
    *BB read He has a copy of the Officer Toby Campbell report which is on file and described what
    occurred on Saturday, July 2nd 2022 404 SW Riverside Ave.
    *The chairman then asked one other thing of TH… how did DJC act once she was out of the gate did
    she do what she was asked TH reported that she had been asked not to drive and instead she got in her
    car and used excessive speed to drive off.
    *T.Tramel then repeated the offenses made. The chairman asked for options. The public has had
    enough of this. They were totally appalled, and they expect the Board to do something to send a
    message that that won’t be tolerated.
    *A motion was made by S.Keen and amended to suspend her park privileges till the end of the year and
    she be asked to surrender the key and if she doesn’t do so, then she will not be provided keys for 2023.
    2nd by C. Thompson. Unanimously approved
    16. New Business
    *T. Mathews suggested we ask the County to pave Utah Street, a long dirt road that no one wants to
    *Chairman asked if he wanted to take it to Mr. Ford? Noted that they have a 5 and 7 year paving plans,
    and during that time residents could be asked how they feel about it.
    Open – Property Owners Comments to Board, time limit 2 minutes
    * Jesse Crane: what about movies, can we bring them back? No action was taken.
    * Cemetery is being cleaned up a bit, 2 trees were take down at the gate, and some other clean up.
    * P.Thomas noted that the gardening community would like to get involved.
    * Chairman said he’d like to get with her on that, but it is not a park, it is a cemetery.
    Next meeting: August 9th Adjourn @ 8:50 p.m.