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President Elected:
George Horne

Vice President Elected:
Millie McGee

Secretary Elected:
Perrie Whitten

Treasurer Elected:
Evelyn Johnson

Board Members Elected:
Jule McGee
Joan Nano
Don Spradley
Mike Wilson
Phyllis Rea
Charlee Thompson
Laura Dailey

Alternate Board Members Elected:
Karen Mullins
Linda Hizer
Sassy Johnson

Congratulations to everyone elected, and thank you to all cooks, volunteers, and everyone else for a great picnic and Election! Special thanks to Big John for the BBQ, and to George Horne for the coordination and sides.

Facebook Page

TREPO now has a Facebook page. We have some help maintaining the website now and we will try very hard to keep them both up-to-date. Please like us on facebook and follow us at

The meeting minutes have been updated for the entire year, please check them out on the Meeting Minutes page.


Glass bottles and dogs of all sizes are not allowed in Hodor Park because of liability issues. Please refrain from bringing them. Dogs are allowed at the Fishing Park on Sante Fe Dr. past the Boat Ramp and while boarding boats at the Boat Ramp.

Also large groups, over 12, need to contact Mike Foret at 386-497-3320 in advance and bring your group in at the clubhouse gate. This is to ensure the safety of all. The road is public and can be dangerous for those unloading people and tubes.

Park pavilion reservation form

Thank you for your help in these matters.

Pictures of Events

October 2011 Members Meeting and Picnic
Halloween 2011
Christmas 2011





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