• Did You Know?

    February 9, 2021
  • Three Rivers Estates has a history of flooding.
    The Santa Fe river is currently at 13.68 as of 6 am this morning. It is projected to go up to 14.2 on February 13th. This is a normal occurrence. Mother Nature is telling us to keep an eye on our rivers and their water levels. If you have riverfront property or have visited our parks lately you are aware of this. Here is a little information on flood stages and past historic floods in Three Rivers Estates.
    Flood Levels And Stages:
    Action Stage
    14 ft
    Minor Flood Stage
    17 ft
    Moderate Flood Stage
    21 ft
    Major Flood Stage
    24 ft
    Highest floods recorded:
    *April of 1948, at 34.20 ft.
    *April 1973 was 30.80 ft
    *March 1998 was 29.92 ft
    *April 1984 was 29.51 ft